TPPP Episode 139 : I Have Black Friends

For this episode I have not one, but TWO black dudes on my show! Tommy from Dixieland of the Proletariat Podcast is joined by Jon, formerly of Angry Black Rant Z Podcast as my guests. We touched on many subjects, and rambled on quite a bit. We were all a little stoned, honestly. Some of the things we covered were Tommy’s shitty taste in movies; Land back; Caucasians being called pinks by Jon and why; the goings on in Alabama and South Carolina, which are Tommy’s and Jon’s states of residences respectively; Covid; Allen West; and a whole lot more. After this episode, I officially can not be called racist. Right?

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TPPP Episode 137 : The Return of the Commie

Dan Arel graces the show with his third appearance. Zach and I talked to him about why he switched from being an Anarchist to a Communist, as well as a brief description of what those terms mean. We also talked about his work at a labor union. Other subjects, such as why people seem to hate him so much on Twitter and the California recall were discussed, as well as why we got the mads at each other like four years ago, or maybe three. Anyway, it was great to have him on again, even if he is an extremist.

Dan on Twitter

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TPPP Episode 136 : Of Death, Dying, and Disbelief

This week Zach and I have on Candace Gorham. We talk about her new book ‘On Death, Dying, and Disbelief’. We also talk about her journey to atheism, her work as a licensed mental health professional, her other book, and her love of hiking!

Candace is a licensed professional mental health counselor. She is a former ordained minister turned atheist-humanist activist, researcher, and writer on issues related to race, religion, and mental health. She is a member of the Black Humanist Alliance advisory board, The Secular Therapist Project, and The Clergy Project. Candace is also the author of “The Ebony Exodus Project: Why Some Black Women Are Walking Out on Religion—and Others Should Too.”

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Of Death, Dying, and Disbelief on Amazon.

TPPP Episode 135 : Junk Going Numb

Zach joins me again for another episode of the bestest show by two mediocre White guys. We talk about the Phil Torres article regarding the merging of New Atheists and the far-right. We also talk about how mostly White dudes got their fragile feelings hurt by even suggesting such a thing. Some of them are podcasters y’all might know. Just saying. Oh, and my junk going numb is also a topic. And the recent developments regarding how my lovely state is banning vaccine outreach to kids. We’re in a race to bottom. Mississippi here we come!

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TPPP Episode 134 : The Resurrection of Tony

God saw fit to raise Tony from the podcast previously known as Conversationa With God Podcast into a new form, rather like Gandalf the White, into the land of the barely living with a new show, God Chat With God and Tony. Obviously guest host Zach from the Zachrilege podcast and I would like to know! And other stuff. Listen or don’t. I’m not your parent.

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God Chat With God and Tony

God Chat With God and Tony on Facebook

God Chat With God and Tony on Twitter

TPPP Episode 133 : Not Your Grandmother’s Episode

It only took me a month to release the podcast version, but here we are. Kevin from Not Your Grandmother’s Book Club joins me to talk about his show, me being on it, how awesome I was, and other assorted fascinating and intriguing topics. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

Not Your Grandmother’s Book Club

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TPPP Episode 131 : Pee in a Bottle

Another episode of The Triple Po is upon us, so rejoice oh listeners and watchers! This week Lyman was late again, but not as late as usual, and also we had friend of the show and the beer god himself, Zach from Zachrilege Cast. I tried to put a little structure into the show, and I will try to to do so going forward, because at least it’s a little more bearable when you hear the privileged ramblings of some White dudes.

First we talk about the Boulder shootings, and that insufferable gun nut Lauren Boebert’s ‘thoughts and prayers’ bullshit in response, as well as the ensuing mockery and disbelief among sane folks who are probably not surprised, yet still constantly disgusted by her inane ramblings.

Next we speak about the Amazon employees’ upcoming unionization vote, and the kind of lengths Amazon will go in order that it not happen. We also talk about Amazon’s horrid working conditions and relatively low pay for the area, which of course is the reason they are trying to unionize in the first place!

Last, but certainly not least, is the passage in my glorious state of Tennessee of the anti-trans athlete bill, which would require athletes to compete with the gender that is on their birth certificate. Of course this is only a spate of bills that the state legislatures controlled by the GOP are trying to pass. They say it’s for the children, but we know it’s just yet another hate bill against the LGBT community.

Tough topics to be sure, but we still try to engage the stories with what humor we can. Thanks y’all for tuning in.

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Critics Tell GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert What To Do With Her ‘Prayers’ After Boulder Shooting

Amazon workers leading a historic push for unionization in Alabama describe midnight ‘education’ meetings, an unexpected mailbox, and streams of anti-union flyers as they go up against one of the world’s most powerful companies

Tennessee’s transgender athlete ban passes legislature, heads to Gov. Lee’s desk for signature

TPPP Episode 130 : Keith the Crazy Canuck

Welcome fans to another episode of The Triple Po! I just today realized that I hadn’t released the podcast version of the show, and for that I give most humble apologies. Things slip my pickled mind on occasion. We had the pleasure of talking to Keith Spielman, aka Buddy the Lumberjack from Cellar Door Skeptics. We talk about renewing our acquaintance of around two years. We also talked about his work with Cellar Door Skeptics as the resident Canadian and general ne’er-do-well. Of course, we also had to talk about Canadian stuff, including how conservative his province of Alberta is, the accent, and whatever the fuck a toque is. It’s a longer than usual show, clocking in at two hours, but we covered a lot of ground on various and sundry topics. Enjoy!

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Cellar Door Skeptics website

Keith on Twitter