My First Post, or, What The Fuck Am I Going To Do Now?

  I’ve been thinking about doing an Atheist/Secular/Progressive blog for a while now, but I have finally got around to actually starting one. I had started a blog previously of a general sort, but only posted twice and then gave up. I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them, but I’m hopeful that this blog won’t fall into that category.

  My main goal with this blog is to try to post some thoughts on stories and happenings from an Atheist point of view, but also to do some incisive, witty commentary on political issues the an “extreme progressive” point of view. I can only hope that I don’t make a complete fool of myself, for I fear that my writing skills, such as they were/are, have atrophied to the point of incoherence. I have taken up tweeting lately, and those 140 characters pretty much exhaust my limited brainpower. I need to exercise that brain muscle, though, so maybe with time I’ll be able to express my thoughts more expansively than a kid with ADD. We shall see.

  Anyhoo, just sit back, relax, and witness my slow descent into self-humiliation. If nothing else, it should be interesting.

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