Water in the Mantle and No Answers in Genesis

So I’m sitting here at McDonald’s ingesting something that they claim is “food”, but I suspect is some variant of Soylent Green, simply because I need the Wi-Fi to kill time before my phone is fixed, and I come across a reference to an article written in regards to the new discovery of significant amounts of water in the Earth’s mantle. This is in itself is not significant, but for the author of said article being Answers in Genesis.

For those of you who have been in suspended animation and haven’t heard of this group, AiG is the organization that runs the creationist museum in Kentucky. Its leader, Ken Ham, debated Bill Nye (of Science Guy fame) on Creationism vs Evolution. His entire argument was “well, there is a book that explains [insert any claim here].

Anyway, AiG believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible, which includes thinking Noah’s Flood really happened, and that somehow a pair of every species on  Earth was able to fit on a big wooden Ark. I’ll come to the significance of the Flood belief in a moment.

Now, this article on the discovery of water in the mantle played it pretty straight for a while, describing the crystalline rock that enables the water to be stored and the process by which it is formed.

But then we come to this passage:

As we examine this discovery in light of the history of the global Flood documented in God’s Word, we see that water not only changes everything about the way a planet works in the present, but also about 4,300 years ago at the time of the global Flood. Dr. Snelling explains:

What is the profound significance of this discovery? It confirms the capacity of the mantle to have housed the water that was released when the fountains of the great deep were broken up to commence the Flood, and the huge volume of water that was released through these fountains for as much as 150 days, providing more than enough water to help submerge the whole globe, just as described in Genesis 7:11–24 (NKJV).

That’s right, all that water below the surface explains the Flood! Why didn’t I think of that?

And then a little later there’s this:

Pearson’s conclusions about the explosive rapid transit that delivered the little diamond to the surface also have implications for our understanding of geological events at the time of the global Flood. Dr. Snelling says:

Interestingly this study also concluded that the diamond hosting this ringwoodite inclusion must also have come from the 410–660 km zone.  This in turn means that the explosive volcanism responsible for blasting diamonds in volcanic rocks into the earth’s upper crust and even to the surface within a matter of hours, must have in at least some instances started from this 410–660 km zone. Similar explosive volcanism could therefore have potentially been responsible for releasing and catapulting water from this deep mantle storage reservoir up to the earth’s surface during the Flood.So this study seems to confirm a major component of the catastrophic plate tectonics model. The break-up of the earth’s crust into plates and the resultant continental sprint was initiated by the cataclysmic release of the waters for the Flood through these fountains of the great deep.

Though we were not there at the time of the global Flood, God in His Word, primarily in Genesis chapters 6–9, has provided us with an eyewitness account of the violent events that remodeled the earth’s surface. The geology we see today has been strongly influenced by the global Flood, and Bible-believing geologists like Dr. Snelling note that what we see is consistent with biblical history. The Bible’s history helps us understand what we see in nature and to understand that our world did not require billions of years to take its present shape. This latest discovery is likewise completely consistent with biblical history.

Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, in case you didn’t know (and no halfway intelligent person would know) is the Creationist theory that the Flood somehow caused all the shifting of the continents that actually occurred over millions of years. But, hey, when God’s involved, he can make that shit happen instantly.

Anyway, I thought it was funny and sad the way the Creationists try to twist any real scientific discovery into their own mythological framework. Pretty fucking pathetic, really.

Here’s the link to the original article if you want to try to power through it.

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  1. I wish I could remember who recently said something about how really smart people can make evidence work in the favor of something else… Ugh. Anyway. Ken Ham all the way. He’s so smart, but so compartmentalized he’s unaware of how stupid he appears. I hope that made sense.

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