My Atheist/Secular Podcast Playlist Part 1

 I only got into listening to Atheist podcasts fairly recently, but I’ve got some favorites that I listen to on a regular basis. Being how I don’t have any money to give them through Patreon (which allows you to contribute so much money per episode), I thought I would do the next best thing and plug it on here. Granted, only me and a couple of others even know of this blog’s existence, but, hey, maybe one day it will big and influential! Yeah, I doubt it. Anyhow, here are some of my favorites:

 My Book of Mormon Podcast

  Ever wanted to read the Book of Mormon (and who doesn’t?), but you didn’t want to actually go through all the work of actually reading it on your own? Then this podcast is the one for you! Listen to the dulcet tones of David Michael guide you through the LDS holy book with a unique brand of humor, wit, and insight, all while not saying one fuck or shit! I don’t know how he does it, honestly. He also does special shows where he interviews people, which, so far, have included ex-Mormons and the head of an organization that helps out ex-Mormons who are trapped in their situation and need help to get out. You can donate to this organization, called the Taylor Scholarship, by going here. Did I mention David is super nice? Great show.

Quranify Me

  Another podcast that also reads through a holy book, but this one concentrates on the Quran. Paul Q. has expanded his show to include interviews with Atheists who have had harrowing experiences trying to escape Islam, as well as doing various skits on some his shows. Paul has taken the cause of the harm Islam does to everyday people and has made it his own.He doesn’t shy away from using blistering criticism to get his point across, and his righteous anger shines through like fire in the night. Not for the easily offended, but definitely for those who believe in freedom from Islam’s damage to the human condition.

Thomas and the Bible / Atheistically Speaking

  Completing my “holy trinity” of holy book podcasts comes Thomas and the Bible, which, strangely enough, goes through the Bible! Imagine that! Thomas has been doing this for a while now, but I just now picked up on recently. I’m only on Exodus right now, and he is all the way up to Proverbs I believe right now. I find his constant incredulity at the absurdity of the claims the Bible makes a constant source of hilarity. Recently, he has said he may stop doing it if he doesn’t receive more pledges through Patreon, simply because he is concentrating his time mostly on another podcast he does, called Atheistically Speaking. This show is more of a general show concentrating on Atheism. He offers “Tomentary” (sp?) on Atheist/Secular issues, and also does interviews with various guests, including some rather prominent names in the Atheist community. Both of these podcasts are well worth a listen.

  There are more podcasts, but you’ll have to wait with bated breath for the next installment of my playlist! 





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