My Atheist/Secular Podcast Playlist Part 2

As promised (and I know the wait has been excruciatingly difficult!), here is the second part of podcast playlist! :

Cognitive Dissonance

  If you like laughter, cursing, and disdain mixed in with your Atheism, you’ve come to the right place! Tom and Cecil present us with news stories, while mercilessly attacking the idiocy of those who they despise, which is mostly stupid right-wing religious types. I myself enjoy this sort of wilting sarcasm and copious fuckery, since I am a sarcastic asshole. Throw in some interviews with interesting guests, and Leviticus Mad Libs, and you have all the ingredients of a long-lasting podcast.

Skeptically Challenged

  While technically not an Atheist podcast, the host Ross Balch appears on Atheist podcasts occasionally, and has professed Atheist leanings. Nevertheless, if the subject of pseudo-science in all of its incarnations interest you, this is a great podcast. He has covered topics such as the anti-vaccine campaign, homeopathy, and self-proclaimed psychics. He also sometimes has guests to clarify and expand upon these topics further. If you’re a hardcore skeptic, or just curious about skepticism in general, it’s worth a listen.

The Herd Mentality

 This show, hosted by the irrepressible Adam Reakes, sees the intrepid host people he has only just met on twitter to get their views on subjects mostly to Atheism and Secularism, but sometimes other topics that interest him. He has also started doing skits such as “interviews” with various people, generally ignorant religious windbags, where he takes snippets from interviews the subjects have done in other settings to make hilarious answers to the questions he asks. Another one of his running gags is his portrayal of Ray Comfort, an Australian douchebag evangelist (did I mention Adam was based in Australia?), wherein we find out his love gold-plated buttplugs and his hatred of Atheists. Ray is joined in these skits by his assistant Raylene, portrayed by that saucy temptress Rah. Her voice and laugh are enough to make me spew milk through my nose. The production is top-notch, and I highly recommend it.

  Well, looks like I have run out of time again! Since I work two jobs, the only time I have to do these blog entries is at lunch at my main job, which is a measly one hour. Ah well, guess you’ll just have to come back to see the next part in this ongoing investigative series! Until next time, fuck God (figuratively of course. Don’t go around fucking statues of Jesus or anything)!




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