My Atheist/Secular Podcast Playlist Part 3

On to part 3 of my in-depth series on my favorite Atheist podcasts! Please, keep the excitement down to a minimum…

The Imaginary Friends Show

This podcast is controlled comedic chaos, presided over by one Jake Farr-Wharton, an Australian Atheist Superman. He gets some people on there he knows, and some guests, and they just basically riff off of each other and discuss whatever stories interest them, from an Atheist viewpoint. One of the regular bits done on the show are fill-in-the-blank questions presented to whatever coterie of fine people are on the show at the time. These questions are based on current news stories, and the objective is to come up the funniest shit you can think of. Giving the ACTUAL answer to the heretofore mentioned question is frowned upon, and is considered bad form. An awesome show, and fun listen.

The Scathing Atheist

This is one the big daddies of the Atheist podcasting community. The podcast is headed by the redoubtable Noah Lugeons, a wordsmith par excellence, who can spout more cool, cogent, and germane commentary in one minute than I can even think of in twice that time. He is accompanied by Heath Enright, an intrepid New Yorker who is fucking hilarious and crude as shit (like yours truly), and his honey-voiced wife Lucinda, who makes an appearance all too rarely for my taste. Together, this team offers up, dare I say, scathing and insightful commentary on the news of the day. They do the “30 seconds”, in which, in what is often over a minute, come up with clever answers to whatever topic they have a mind to concoct, such as “names of a strip club/convent co-op”. This is some high-quality shit, my friends. And, thanks to the generous support of their Patreon, err, patrons, they have just extended the show to an hour! So now you quite twice the awesomeness, which means more times for interviews and feedback. Hell yeah!

Atheists on Air

This is a podcast I have just recently come across, thanks to hearing about it from Paul over at Quranify Me. This is the first Atheist podcast I have heard that features the lilting drawl of my native land, that being the American South. Hailing from the Appalachian hills of North Carolina, Cash and his friend Professor Stephen give a Southern perspective on Atheism, and the unique place Christianity holds in Dixie. As a Southerner living in Tennessee, I can relate to the stories of outright hate directed at anything that even smells like Secularism or free thought. And Cash is the perfect guy for the job, a hard drinking, heavy smoking redneck (in the best possible sense) who isn’t afraid to tell these religious fucksticks just where they can go, and where precisely they can place their hypocrisy and bullshit. Along with periodic asides from the hilarious parody of a churchman, one Pastor Roy of The Catfish Creek Trailer Park, this show is the best thing to come out of the South since The Allman Brothers.

Well, that does it for my playlist as of right now. There are a couple of more that I have heard of that I would like to listen to, such as Prophetcast and Irreligiosophy, but frankly I only have limited time to listen to podcasts with two jobs: one job which I listen to the podcasts, as well as driving between jobs and home. The Atheist Podcasting Community as a whole is awesome, though, and I have found there to be great co-operation and camaraderie among the podcasters, especially when there is a cause close to their hearts. To me, this goes to show that one does not need to be religious to do good works, which religious fucktards would do well to remember the next time that want to call Atheists baby eaters with no morals.

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