Fuck you, Hobby Lobby and Supreme Majority!

 This whole Hobby Lobby ruling has got me rather pissed. The majority says this is a narrow decision, in that it only applies to “closely held companies”, defined by the IRS as corporations with 5 or fewer shareholders who own more than half the stock; also, it only applies to not providing contraception if it’s a “sincerely held belief”. Well, it’s my sincerely held belief that this argument is absolute bullshit. In Ginsburg’s fairly pointed dissent, she points out that this decision could open the door to any number of corporations claiming exemptions based on their “beliefs”, although I suspect it has more to do with them not wanting to pay for the shit to begin with.

 At first blush I thought, “Well, at least it’s only ‘closely held companies’. I mean, how many of those can there be?”, until I realized they make up 90 FUCKING PERCENT of corporations in the country! That blew my mind.

 Oh, and the claim that these forms of birth control are essentially abortifacients have been disproven by the medical community. So, yeah, you guys are full of shit. Not to mention these guys invest in companies that produce birth control, as well as selling products made in China, where abortion and contraception is state-funded. Hypocritical, much?

 All in all, this was an atrocious decision by what can only be described as an out-of-touch Conservative White Male Majority, who never have had to worry about buying birth control, which is pretty expensive without insurance. So, on behalf of all of us who care about women’s right to access affordable health care, FUCK YOU!

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