The Taylor Scholarship and My Book of Mormon

I wanted to do a quick post (I don’t have much time left on lunch) about The Taylor Scholarship, which I mentioned in a previous post. From the website:

This unique scholarship will cover the cost of counseling and group therapy services for people who are experiencing a disruption of faith or faith identity.


White Fields provides specialized counseling and group therapy sessions to those struggling with religious transition or marital issues related to the loss of faith. Although we work hard to provide services for as low cost as possible, these services are not free. Your generous donation will help to cover the cost of highly trained therapists and facility maintenance. Many people who are experiencing these disruptive and challenging transitions do not have the means to pay—even at the low cost of the services we provide.

 In the most recent episode of his podcast, My Book of Mormon, David Michael stated that he received a letter from the White Fields Educational Foundation saying that thanks to the donations given to the Foundation by David and his listeners, two people were able to take advantage of the scholarship, and further that if it wasn’t for this assistance they might have committed suicide. This is not hyperbole: these two people explicitly stated this. David said that this “took his breath away”, and that he was now redoubling his efforts to contribute to the Foundation. So he decided to put more of his Patreon money towards funding the Scholarship. Anything over $50 of each episode goes directly to this fund. Previously it had been $100, but this letter moved him to want to do more.

Needless to say, when I heard this driving home from my second job, I decided that when I got home I was going to become a patron of the show. It is only $1 per episode, since I work two jobs because I’ve gotten myself into some financial difficulties, so I’m putting out this call to hopefully amplify my impact by inspiring anyone else who feels this is a worthy endeavor, as do I and many others.

I know not many people visit my humble blog, which is ok, but if even ONE person contributes to the fund as a result of this post, I will feel like I have helped someone who is in need. So, please, if you spare $1 an episode, go the Patreon page for My Book of Mormon and become a patron. Or, if you prefer, make a one-time donation to the The Taylor Scholarship, go to the White Fields Educational Foundation page and contribute that way. If you prefer, you may remain anonymous whichever way you choose to give. Either way, you will be helping someone out who is going through a difficult time, and might even be saving a life.

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