The Cost of Revenge

Excellent piece on the psychic cost of revenge.


After much discussion with many friends about varying situations affecting their personal lives, I’ve opted to write about something I try my best to avoid, on a daily basis.

The cost of revenge/retribution for a perceived wrong-doing.

So many people spend an exponential amount of THEMSELVES trying to pay someone back for doing them wrong that we often lose sight of what the personal cost is to ourselves.

I am every bit as guilty of having done this in the past as many of you reading this are.  And the cost, to myself, has been massive.

We often feel wronged in some capacity, whether the intent to harm was there, or not.  And when we hurt, we tend to want to strike back at whomever has hurt us.  We want to make that person or people feel just like they made us feel.

The time, energy, commitment…

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