Depression is such a fickle thing..

Another inspirational post from Lucy


I’ve talked about using mistakes as a learning venue for self-betterment..  And recently I got a dose of my own advice, simply because I couldn’t recognize the situation for what it was.

I’d love to tell you that my scars are healed and that past hurts are all gone.  But to do so would be me having to lie to myself in order to lie to you…  And sugarcoating bullshit is not something I’m grand at, nor do I care to be.

The fact is, I’m still a highly flawed human being.  I still feel twinges of hurt when a past situation is put in my path, when I’ve already felt the sting from the situation.  Not just for me, mind you, but for anyone walking a similar path to mine…  There was a point where I COULD have spoken out and chose to…

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