A year in reflection..

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful person. Whatever you celebrate this season, may it be filled with joy and happiness.


It’s that time of year..  Whether you spend your days wishing people a “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, Happy Festivus” or opting not to wish anyone anything, for me, it is a time of reflection of the past year.

This has been one of the most heart wrenching and healing 365 days of my 42 years.  I lost my husband.  I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Medullary Thyroid cancer.  I still may lose my youngest son to a biological mother that he has no knowledge of her existence because she’s been in prison for breaking the bones of his autistic half brother.

I have been given the chance to have my heart stolen by an amazingly beautiful man.  I won my 10th fight against cancer.  And I am forever hopeful that my son will remain with the family that loves him unconditionally.

I have learned…

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