A Few Thoughts on the Final Day of 2015

Some words of wisdom for New Years Eve 2015


We have all fought our own personal battles.  Never discount another humans struggle.  You don’t know their path.

Kindness really IS a thing; even from strangers.

Not everyone is going to share your opinion.  Observe, listen and always come to your own conclusion, logically and with reason.

Not everyone has the best of intentions in the way they interact and treat you.  That’s okay.  It’s how you react to a given situation that will teach you the best lesson.

People will come and go from your life.  If they’re going, it’s probably for the best.  Cherish the ones that choose to stay.

A brother can be a girls best friend, most trusted confidante, therapist and cheerleader.

You can’t change who you share DNA with.  That’s your family.  But you CAN add to it.  Those are the ones who share your…

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