A happy what??

Another great post from Lucy Dee.


“You should wear brighter colored clothes, like you did in Sunday School.  All this black is making you look depressed.  You were so happy as a child.”

And the Emmy goes to…….  Me.

*sighs*  My mother….

Delusional enough to assume that me having a favorite color, which is not HERS is what makes me “look” depressed.

MANY things can send me in a downward spiral.  My choice of clothing is not one of them.  I happen to love black, but it is by no means the only thing I wear.  It’s just the only one she chooses to complain about.

As a child, most of my clothing was handmade.  Cult living doesn’t really procure much in the ways of financial comfortability.  If you were lucky, not all of your clothing was a hand-me-down from an older sibling.  Black was forbidden…

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