TPPP Episode 16 : Trailer Park Confessions

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! On the pre-ramble, I speak briefly about the death of Fidel Castro, and why the world is better off without him. Also, I tell of a new promo that I have put out and that you should listen for on other podcasts!

On the palaver, I talk to the host of The Atheist In The Trailer Park Podcast, Tucker Drake. We talk about his show and what topics he covers, including his current reading of The Apocrypha and occasional guest appearances by the lovely and brilliant America Darling Curl. We then turn to a more serious subject, that of poverty. Tucker tells his story of his personal struggle with poverty, and we try to find a light at the end of the tunnel, but we don’t have much success. Despite some of our more sober conclusions, I hope y’all enjoy this episode The Triple Po!

Download the show here.

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader of revolution, dies at 90

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