TPPP Episode 21 : Naked Politics 

Happy New Year, and welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble I talk briefly about the impending inauguration of Donald Trump and the sense of impending doom I feel, as well as the need for us to fight against the Trump agenda. I also talk about the terrorist attack on a nightclub in Istanbul, and the facts that are currently known about this tragedy.

On the palaver I this week I speak with the host of ‘Naked Mormonism’, Bryce Blankenagel. We talk briefly about his podcast, but then we delve into a topic he stays away from on his show : Politics. We talk about the election of Donald Trump and the implications of his pending administration, as well as the need for people with common goals to come together to try to make this country better. Bryce and I didn’t agree on everything, but I think it was a respectful and fruitful conversation. I think y’all will enjoy it.

Download the show here.

Terrorist Attack At Istanbul Nightclub Kills Dozens

Naked Mormonism Podcast

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