TPPP Episode 23 : The Polymath Does Polyamory, Part 1

Thanks for joining me for another episode of The PoPoPo! On the pre-ramble I give the Twitter follower roundup, as well as mention once again that I was on Inciting Incident Podcast.

For the palaver, I host a round-table discussion on polyamory. This episode contains the first part of said discussion, and next week the conclusion will air. My guests were Shane, Jeanne Ikerd, Kory Diggs, Heina Dadabhoy, Leigh, and Daniel Samuelson. Our conversation was informative, funny, and poignant. We talk about what it’s like to be poly; what it’s like to be poly with kids; the divide between the poly and swinger communities; as well as other topics involving polyamory. This was my first palaver with so many people, and it came off incredibly well, mostly due to my exceptional guests. Much thanks to them for doing this show, and thanks to the listeners who take the time to listen.

Download the show here.

Inciting Incident #74 – Chris Watson, Podunk Polymath

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