The World(s) We Live In

A heartbreaking and infuriating story from Lucy Dee, how it relates to our current social climate.


Until just recently, I maintained 2 separate profiles on Facebook.  One was for clients, the other was the place I could be myself without worrying about repercussions towards my business.

I’m a Secular Humanist.  I am an Atheist.  I am an Agnostic.  I am a Scientist.  I am Native.

And I am all of those things in a small town in Western Oklahoma.

With the election over with and Trump in office, I began seeing things that made my skin crawl.  I don’t have a lot of love for my even smaller hometown (pop. 135 on a good year).  That’s primarily due to the people who live there.  Bear in mind, they weren’t all bad people.  However, the majority living in and around the county were blatantly racist.

I watched much of the hatred and name-calling subside over the years as I grew older and it became less socially acceptable…

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