TPPP Episode 59 : Of Grief and Dying

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast. This week is a somber episode, as I discuss the recent death of my grandmother. I briefly recount my memories with her, as well as what the funeral was like. It was a very sad affair, but I think most took some comfort because she had a long, rich life and she was no longer suffering.

On the palaver I talk to my friend Brynda Quinn, a clinical psychologist, about grieving as an atheist. She offers special insight because her husband died, and thus is more familiar with the process. We also talk about specific steps we can take to help make the grieving process easier. We also discuss specifically my grandmother and what I can do to deal with her death. The coping techniques we discuss can apply to all those dealing with grief, not just atheists. I hope perhaps that this episode can serve to help people with their own grief, as well as prepare those who have not experienced this sort of situation as of yet for how to deal with grief in the future.

Download the show here.

Grief Beyond Belief

Secular Therapy Project

Daily Strength

Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee

Sunday Assembly Nashville

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