TPPP Episode 64 : A Systems Enthusiast

Welcome back to The Triple Po! After a mental health break, I have returned bigger, but necessarily better. On the pre-ramble I talk about Doug Jones and his victory over Roy Moore in the special election for US Senate in Alabama. The margin was only 1.5%, but a win is a win. Roy Moore decides he isn’t going to concede until God tells him to do so, which means the Alabama Secretary of State will have to have to make that call for him. I also briefly discuss the latest Star Wars installment and my feelings about it. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers!

On the palaver I speak to Kevin Watson (no relation) about the various political and economic systems that exist or have existed in human history. We then speak of which systems are especially germane to our current political climate, and what it means for our nation. Kevin laid it out very well, and he did so objectively as possible, though he admits a left-leaning bias. I learned quite a bit, and I hope you will to.

Download the show here.

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