TPPP Episode 71 : Yet Another Atheist Episode

The Podunk Polymath Podcast is back yet again for your entertainment. On the pre-ramble this week I talk a bit about NaNoCon and Secular Social Justice conferences. I then rant a bit about food boxes, students loans, and accessibility for the disabled.

On the palaver, I speak with Keith and Jen from the newly revamped Not Another Atheist Podcast. We talk about their relaunch and NaNoCon. But mostly there was a just a bunch of pointless rambling. Although it was mostly just us shooting the shit, it is a bit of a break from the weightier subjects that we here everyday on the news. I hope y’all enjoy this brief respite from our descent to Armageddon.

Download the show here.

Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps for Impoverished Americans With Food Boxes to Save Money

Trump’s budget would end student loan forgiveness program

House votes to add requirements for Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits

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