TPPP Episode 72 : F*ck It! I’ll Do It Live!

After a three-month hiatus, The Triple Po had returned! I had to take a step back and take care of my mental health, but I’m raring to go again!

The format of the show is different now as well. I am going to be doing the show live from the YouTube channel and then releasing the audio as the regular podcast. The schedule is also changing to twice a month. The show will be live on Saturdays at 7 PM Central, unless it conflicts with Atheists at the Pub in which case it will be Friday at 7 PM Central. The podcast will be released by Monday morning after the live show.

I talked a bit about the hiatus as well as a friend’s experience with sexual assault as well as Pride Month. After some technical difficulties (which is par for the course with these two!), I talked to Amy and Nadya from the Ginger Snaps. We talk about those same issues, but also there’s also a lot of great conversation with friends. I want to thank y’all who have stuck around with me through the hiatus as well as the 4 patrons that stayed on. That means a lot, and I appreciate the support. I hope y’all will like the new format. I think it’s more dynamic and also I don’t have to fucking edit!

Download the show audio here.

YouTube live replay Part 1 Part 2 (I had technical issues so I had to restart with another feed).

The Ginger Snaps on Spreaker

The Ginger Snaps on Facebook

The Ginger Snaps on Twitter

The Ginger Snaps on Patreon

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