TPPP Episode 80 : Living With PTSD

I am going to issue a content warning for this episode for talking about PTSD, suicide, and some combat violence.

This week I speak to Hyrum and Nate about some of their experiences with combat as well as PTSD, both combat and non-combat related, as well as other conditions that arose from traumatic brain injury. They also talk about the difficulty of re-adjusting to civilian life after combat, as well as the need to find purpose in order to stave off depression, even up to suicidal ideation. They also talk about ways to cope with these issues, though, and how anyone can learn to adjust with therapy, purpose, and a good support system. Finally, they emphasize that PTSD is a condition that can occur from any traumatic situation, not just combat. Thus the argument that somehow people who were never in combat can’t experience PTSD is absolutely false, and it is harmful to those who suffer from this condition. Everyone’s experiences and illnesses are valid, regardless of the circumstances. I really want to thank Hyrum and Nate for coming on, as I know it wasn’t easy to recall these painful experiences. I have great admiration for these men, and I hope their willingness to come forward and talk will give others the courage to do the same.

Download the show here.


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