TPPP Episode 85 : Living with Mental Illness

Welcome to another episode of The Triple Po! This week I have on my friend Brigid Fitch from Holy CRAP The VlogCast. We kick things off by talking the upcoming American Atheists Convention in Cincinnati which we will both be attending.

We then get into the more serious discussion about her struggles with mental illness, including PTSD and bipolar disorder. We also talk about how resources are sparse for the treatment in the US, including the prohibitive costs for medications and treatment, as well as the utter lack of financial assistance for those who can’t afford these vital treatments. Lastly, we speak about the stigma around mental illness still prevalent in this country which is a further impediment towards recognizing mental illness as a critical issue in the US. Some of the things we speak about in this episode may be triggering, so please take that into consideration before listening.

Download the show here.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

The Secular Therapy Project

Brigid Fitch on Facebook

Brigid Fitch’s Blog

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