TPPP Episode 91 : A Woman’s Story of Abuse in an Evangelical Cult

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast. I want to go ahead and issue a content warning for abuse, both sexual and otherwise, incest, and rape.

This week I have on my friend Rie to talk about her experience in an extremist Evangelical church with all the characteristics of a cult. She talks about her rape as a child, as well as ongoing abuse by her family and church members. She was only able to escape when she was married, but even to this day she deals with PTSD. Her family for the most part has shunned her because she chose to separate herself from the teachings of their particular sect. It is a difficult listen, but it shines a spotlight on how abuse does not only happen in the Catholic Church, but also in Protestant churches.

Download the show here.

The Sin of Silence: The Epidemic of Denial About sexual abuse in the evangelical church

Baptist Church Told Girl to Apologize for Being Raped

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