TPPP Episode 103 : Getting Clear about Scientology with Chris Shelton

Welcome to episode 103 of The Postmodern Polymaths Podcast! Lyman was not able to join me this week because he is on his deathbed with some sort of bacterial infection, but I somehow managed to carry on.

I had the pleasure of having Chris Shelton on this week. He is a former Scientologist turned anti-cult activist and critical thinker. He has written a book called Scientology: A to Xenu, An Insider’s Guide to What Scientology is All About, and he started a YouTube channel in 2013 where he has not only discussed Scientology at length but have interviewed psychologists, sociologist,  cult recovery experts, and former members of many other destructive cults about their experiences. We talked about all things Scientology, a subject which really fascinates me. We talked about his experiences as a Scientologist in the Sea Org, as well as some of the more interesting facts about Scientology, including the bizarre story of Xenu an the introduction of those pesky Thetans to our planet; what a Suppressive Person is; what a prick David Miscavige is; and a lot more. This episode runs longer than usual, and really could have lasted longer because I had so many questions, but I decided to stop at around an hour and a half, because I didn’t want y’all to have to endure my voice for too long. Thanks for listening!

Download the show here.

Chris Shelton’s YouTube Channel

Chris Shelton’s Blog

Scientology: A to Xenu, An Insider’s Guide to What Scientology is All About on Amazon

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