TPPP Episode 117 : Facebook Follies

Sorry y’all for this being late This whole pandemic thing has got me down and I haven’t had motivation to do anything. Better late than never though, right?

I tried to do a Facebook Live version of the show, and it was a bit messy. For one thing, I kept getting distracted because I was trying to see if I could get someone else on last minute because it was just me. I managed to finally get Lyman on, but the feed kept cutting out, which I assume was because of the internet bandwidth being overloaded because everyone was quarantined and watching Netflix and/or porn. We basically just ran our mouths about the coronavirus and how it’s fucking everything up, as well as the way dumbass politicians are fucking the response up, and how stupid people are stupid, as well as some few bright spots during this whole while apocalypse. Two White guys bitching. Who can resist? Enjoy!

Download the show here.

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