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TPPP Episode 133 : Not Your Grandmother’s Episode

It only took me a month to release the podcast version, but here we are. Kevin from Not Your Grandmother’s Book Club joins me to talk about his show, me being on it, how awesome I was, and other assorted fascinating and intriguing topics. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

Not Your Grandmother’s Book Club

TPPP Episode 131 : Pee in a Bottle

Another episode of The Triple Po is upon us, so rejoice oh listeners and watchers! This week Lyman was late again, but not as late as usual, and also we had friend of the show and the beer god himself, Zach from Zachrilege Cast. I tried to put a little structure into the show, and I will try to to do so going forward, because at least it’s a little more bearable when you hear the privileged ramblings of some White dudes.

First we talk about the Boulder shootings, and that insufferable gun nut Lauren Boebert’s ‘thoughts and prayers’ bullshit in response, as well as the ensuing mockery and disbelief among sane folks who are probably not surprised, yet still constantly disgusted by her inane ramblings.

Next we speak about the Amazon employees’ upcoming unionization vote, and the kind of lengths Amazon will go in order that it not happen. We also talk about Amazon’s horrid working conditions and relatively low pay for the area, which of course is the reason they are trying to unionize in the first place!

Last, but certainly not least, is the passage in my glorious state of Tennessee of the anti-trans athlete bill, which would require athletes to compete with the gender that is on their birth certificate. Of course this is only a spate of bills that the state legislatures controlled by the GOP are trying to pass. They say it’s for the children, but we know it’s just yet another hate bill against the LGBT community.

Tough topics to be sure, but we still try to engage the stories with what humor we can. Thanks y’all for tuning in.

Critics Tell GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert What To Do With Her ‘Prayers’ After Boulder Shooting

Amazon workers leading a historic push for unionization in Alabama describe midnight ‘education’ meetings, an unexpected mailbox, and streams of anti-union flyers as they go up against one of the world’s most powerful companies

Tennessee’s transgender athlete ban passes legislature, heads to Gov. Lee’s desk for signature

TPPP Episode 130 : Keith the Crazy Canuck

Welcome fans to another episode of The Triple Po! I just today realized that I hadn’t released the podcast version of the show, and for that I give most humble apologies. Things slip my pickled mind on occasion. We had the pleasure of talking to Keith Spielman, aka Buddy the Lumberjack from Cellar Door Skeptics. We talk about renewing our acquaintance of around two years. We also talked about his work with Cellar Door Skeptics as the resident Canadian and general ne’er-do-well. Of course, we also had to talk about Canadian stuff, including how conservative his province of Alberta is, the accent, and whatever the fuck a toque is. It’s a longer than usual show, clocking in at two hours, but we covered a lot of ground on various and sundry topics. Enjoy!

Cellar Door Skeptics website

Keith on Twitter

TPPP Episode 129 : Fearsome Foursome

It’s a foursome this episode, with Lyman and myself joined by the ever awesome Zach from Zachrilege Cast and friend Daniel Criss, sometime podcaster and owner of the sexiest voice in podcasting. We talk about David Silverman getting his ass handed to him by The Friendly Atheist, aka Hemant Mehta; the doing at CPAC, including a golden Trump idol; Daniel and his brother talk about the podcast they are planning about survival skills and depression; and much more. The audio is a little iffy at points, but I think y’all will still enjoy it.

TPPP Episode 128 : Mason-Dixon Madness

Lyman returns and we talk about the Trump Impeachment Trial; the OMB confirmation getting a bit testy; U. S. risk of cyber attacks on infrastructure; Tennessee Governor douchebag Lee saying that trans women in sports is a major problem; Jason Isbell giving his royalties from the song he wrote, which was performed by some racist country fuck, to Nashville NAACP; where the fuck IS the Mason Dixon line?; and much more!

TPPP Episode 126 : The Return of Lyman

Lyman is back from hiatus! We mostly talk about current politics, namely the Capitol riots and the newly elected Biden administration and the their plans, as well as executive order that have already been enacted. And we had people come and actually give comments that I read on the air! Will wonders never cease!

Download the show here.

TPPP Episode 125 : The Skeptical Satanist

Daniel Criss from The Skeptical Satanist Podcast joins me to talk about his denconversion; his experiences with Satanism; abortion. and sucking his own dick. No I swear!

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TPPP Episode 124 : Everyone’s Autonomous

This week I spoke to Marie D’Elephant, host of Everyone’s Autonomous Podcast. We talk about her show, her journey out of religion, her photography, her views on ethical non-monogamy, and more!

Download the show here.

Everyone’s Autonomous website

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Everyone’s Autonomous on Twitter

MarKei Photo & Video website

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Marie D’Elephant’s website

TPPP Episode 123 : Angry Black Rant

Jon Livingston from Angry Black Rant as we talk about politics, voting, guns, me being old, because I turned 46 today. Yay me. If you want to get me something, become a patron, send money, or leave a rating on iTunes.

Download the show here.

Angry Black Rant Z on anchor. fm

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