The Podunk Polymath Podcast Now Has An Online Store! 

I have some great news Triple Po listeners! There is now an online store for The Podunk Polymath Podcast merchandise! You can find the store here, and the link to the very first product, an awesome t-shirt, can be found here. Impress all your friends with this awesome piece of apparel, while simultaneously spreading the word about the show! 

Come one, come all!

As you may have noticed, I have changed the name and URL of my blog. After leaving amicably from Unbuckling The Bible Belt, I thought I would let them have the name to avoid confusion. Thus, I came up with a thoroughly original name, and gave it a early 1900s feel. The portrait you see as the logo is one Charles Chilton Moore, a 19th century atheist from Kentucky, who put out a newspaper called the Bluegrass Blade, where he fearlessly called out bigots and hypocrites. You  can read more about him at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Chilton_Moore.

I will be talking on here about all types of things, not exclusively secular related issues. While that is still important to me, I have other interests and concerns as well.

I hope you enjoy my ‘new’ blog, and I look forward to taking this new direction in life.

Moving Forward While Looking Back

Very moving memorial


Death is a given in life.  We will all meet our inevitable end at some point.  So will those around us.  No matter how hard we love them, at some point, they will die and leave a horrible void in our hearts, or we will leave them with the same upon our own death.

My brother, and best friend, was killed years ago.  I miss him every moment of every day.  Most of my dreams still involve him, in some capacity.

I lost my husband as well as my best friend from grade school last year.

A few days ago, I lost a wonderful friend, who had spent much of his time cheerleading me through my worst battle with cancer to date.  He virtually held my hand through one of the worst years of my life and interjected as much positivity as he could.

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Still standing.. Still breathing..

Rules to live by when going through depression given by the juggernaut Lucy Dee!


I find it strangely calming when I hear that because I have been so public about my personal struggles with depression that I have helped to inspire or to help someone who is having similar struggles in life.

Sometimes I have depression; and somedays it completely has me.  Those of you who happen to reach out to me, for whatever reason, are a constant reminder that I need to check myself.

My first rule:

Remember to just breathe.

So often I have found myself on the ledge of that ever-present rabbit hole, mired down in anxiety and fear, that I’m holding my breath.

The other shoe does not always drop.  Sometimes things ARE just as they seem, with no dark, foreboding thing just waiting to pounce when you are at your lowest.

Second rule:

You are never really at your lowest, either.  You’re still alive, so…

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I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, nor am I one for confessionals. The former are pointless and rarely met; the latter often come off as pretentious and narcissistic. However, I hope to be indulged this one time. For I have much to say about one of the more consequential years of my life, though rather it proves to be to my dear readers I will leave it up to their judgement.

The year 2015 was a tumultuous year for the author. A midlife crisis hit with the power of an F-1 hurricane, and it was equally destructive on his psychological health. I dived headfirst into the vast sea of angry atheism, and nothing could stop it. I started a podcast, as well as an alternate Facebook profile, in order to vent my bile against the evil forces of religion that I found arrayed against me on all sides. I lost myself in the battle, deaf to the cries of moderation and pragmatism that shouted at me from the sidelines. I was a warrior engulfed in the blood lust of battle, and I gave nor expected any quarter.

In the midst of this, I attended ReasonCon in April of 2015. I had problems of my own making on my mine when I arrived, and I imbibed mass quantities of alcohol to mask my pain and anxiety. The demon who emerged upset some, offended many, and ultimately had the police called to witness the bonfire of my insecurities and anger licking at my soul.

Even after this, the blindness was upon me. The problem was not with myself, it was with others. They simply did not understand the struggle. They didn’t understand the powers that were bearing down upon our civilization. If the onslaught of religious domination was not stayed, it would break through our gates and overtake our government. Theocracy would plant he Christian Flag, and Mike Huckabee would preach from the battlements of the Castle of Belief.Darkness would fall upon Middle Earth

Something happened on the way to Armageddon, however. Slowly, surely, the light of reason peaked in upon me. Does this endless railing against religion help? Are you a more contented and fulfilled person for the battle? Are there other ways to engage?

And so I was left with a crisis. I climbed atop the hill. I saw over the forest. Yes, there was plenty of darkness in the depression of ignorance. But I could see from this vantage a refuge. And it was not solely populated by such as me. There were others there. Those who I had dismissed as irresponsible and irrelevant. They were speaking freely with those who I admired. Compromise was possible? Dialogue could be imagined? I stared in disbelief.

So I realized that the anger and pain I felt within myself unnecessary. There was a place where I could find peace. And then, in this clarity of thought, I found pain. For then I realized I had caused many pain for who I cared. I discarded them in the purity of my belief. The sorrow and regret almost overwhelmed me. But I was minded that while there is life, there is hope. And so I proceeded to attempt to mend those rifts I had myself enabled to occur.

Through all this painful pseudo-Tolkienian imagery I hope my dear readers have teased out my intent. I went crazy. I had a classic ‘mid-life crisis’. I went off the deep end into the sea of atheism. And in doing this, I lost myself. I have emerged from the depths, however, as someone else. I am not quite what I was, but then again not wholly what I thought I would become. I have emerged as a hybrid of quiet anger and vocal protest. No, I am not a sign-waving protester, for such was never my destiny. But I am a voice, however insignificant, in the clamorous chorus calling for a better path.

You have heard a confession, now you will hear resolution. Or, failing that, a goal. I must find myself, and, in so doing, find a voice. I am but a tiny speck in the vastness. And, yes, in the grand scheme of things, I am laughably insignificant. But I will be damned if I don’t make a raucous racket as I traverse the time allotted to me.

A Few Thoughts on the Final Day of 2015

Some words of wisdom for New Years Eve 2015


We have all fought our own personal battles.  Never discount another humans struggle.  You don’t know their path.

Kindness really IS a thing; even from strangers.

Not everyone is going to share your opinion.  Observe, listen and always come to your own conclusion, logically and with reason.

Not everyone has the best of intentions in the way they interact and treat you.  That’s okay.  It’s how you react to a given situation that will teach you the best lesson.

People will come and go from your life.  If they’re going, it’s probably for the best.  Cherish the ones that choose to stay.

A brother can be a girls best friend, most trusted confidante, therapist and cheerleader.

You can’t change who you share DNA with.  That’s your family.  But you CAN add to it.  Those are the ones who share your…

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A year in reflection..

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful person. Whatever you celebrate this season, may it be filled with joy and happiness.


It’s that time of year..  Whether you spend your days wishing people a “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, Happy Festivus” or opting not to wish anyone anything, for me, it is a time of reflection of the past year.

This has been one of the most heart wrenching and healing 365 days of my 42 years.  I lost my husband.  I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Medullary Thyroid cancer.  I still may lose my youngest son to a biological mother that he has no knowledge of her existence because she’s been in prison for breaking the bones of his autistic half brother.

I have been given the chance to have my heart stolen by an amazingly beautiful man.  I won my 10th fight against cancer.  And I am forever hopeful that my son will remain with the family that loves him unconditionally.

I have learned…

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Depression is such a fickle thing..

Another inspirational post from Lucy


I’ve talked about using mistakes as a learning venue for self-betterment..  And recently I got a dose of my own advice, simply because I couldn’t recognize the situation for what it was.

I’d love to tell you that my scars are healed and that past hurts are all gone.  But to do so would be me having to lie to myself in order to lie to you…  And sugarcoating bullshit is not something I’m grand at, nor do I care to be.

The fact is, I’m still a highly flawed human being.  I still feel twinges of hurt when a past situation is put in my path, when I’ve already felt the sting from the situation.  Not just for me, mind you, but for anyone walking a similar path to mine…  There was a point where I COULD have spoken out and chose to…

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The Cost of Revenge

Excellent piece on the psychic cost of revenge.


After much discussion with many friends about varying situations affecting their personal lives, I’ve opted to write about something I try my best to avoid, on a daily basis.

The cost of revenge/retribution for a perceived wrong-doing.

So many people spend an exponential amount of THEMSELVES trying to pay someone back for doing them wrong that we often lose sight of what the personal cost is to ourselves.

I am every bit as guilty of having done this in the past as many of you reading this are.  And the cost, to myself, has been massive.

We often feel wronged in some capacity, whether the intent to harm was there, or not.  And when we hurt, we tend to want to strike back at whomever has hurt us.  We want to make that person or people feel just like they made us feel.

The time, energy, commitment…

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