TPPP Episode 112 :Politics and PT

This week on The Triple Po, Lyman and I shoot the shit about the current political landscape, including our thoughts on the Democratic nominees for the nomination. Spoiler alert : There’s only two we can really stomach. 

We then discuss updates on the post-surgery status of Chris’ shoulder, including the imminent beginning of some undoubtedly grueling physical therapy for at least two months. The show was a bit short because Lyman was late and we wanted to watch the debate that night. Hope you like it anyway! 

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TPPP Episode 111 : Foundation Beyond Belief

It’s just Chris this week, as Lyman was doing work things. I spoke to Noelle George from Foundation Beyond Belief. We talked about the organization’s origins, history, and the new paths FBB are taking going forward. We also talk about how we have met a couple of times, but we can’t agree on how many. Enjoy! 

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Foundation Beyond Belief

TPPP Episode 110 : Commie Bullshit

We are back from a two week hiatus. This hiatus was the result of Chris’ clumsy ass slipping on cat litter and breaking his arm and shoulder. Pain was felt, surgery was necessary, and pills were (and still are) being taken. But nothing can stop The Triple Po Express forever!

This week we have a repeat guest Kevin Watson. We discuss anarcho-communism in-depth. What it is, what it involves, pros and cons, and questions from the chat room. Now Kevin is a rambler, which he freely admits, and sometimes I am forced to make him stop talking because otherwise he would never shut up. But he is great at expressing his views and explaining things in a way even my dumb ass could understand. So get ready for a deep dive! 

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Kevin Watson on Twitter

That SJW The Nazis Warned You About

TPPP Episode 109 : The End of Policing

Alex Vitale was our guest this week. He is the author of ‘The End of Policing’. We had a wide-ranging discussion about why the duties that are generally delegated to police officers are better suited to other people. We also discuss the history of policing, as well as the abuses, and we look at what a world without policing might look like. This is an interview I really looked forward to, and I really enjoyed speaking with Mr. Vitale.

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Alex Vitale’s website

Police and Justice

Alex Vitale on Twitter

Critical Resistance

TPPP Episode 108 : Lightin’ Up Iran

Another episode of The Triple Po has landed like a ballistic missile! This week we try to lighten things a LITTLE bit. We talk about one serious story, which of course is the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani of Iran on the orders of the Tangerine Tyrant for absolutely no good fucking reason, and the resulting retaliation from Iran. Our in-depth analysis leaves no stone unturned!

For the rest of the show we speak on lighter topics, including our reviews of some recent television series and our experiences with peppers and hot sauces. Also, we ruminate on the possibility of your favorite dynamic duo going to the American Atheists Conference this year on Easter weekend. If you give us money towards tickets, we will do crazy stunts for your amusement! It’s true!

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The US, Iran and Qasem Soleimani story explained in 400 words

“People Here Are Freaking Out”—Iran Expert Shares 14 Alleged Quotes From U.S. Officials On Iran In Viral Thread

jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill) · Twitter

TPPP Episode 107 : We Hardly Knew Ye 2019

Happy New Year from The Postmodern Polymaths Podcast! This week we recount our New Years celebration activities, including Lyman catching himself on fire while grilling as well myself getting high and watching TV. We then go through the most popular episodes of 2019. We express some of our hopes from 2019. Finally, I deliver a little message to the haters out there who want to tell lies on me. Namely, keep my name out of your mouth. On that note, hope you enjoy the show!

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TPPP Episode 106 : Christmas with a Princess

Merry Christmas from The Triple Po! Lyman was busy doing family things, so it was just me hosting, but I was lucky enough to get Amy Kuhel from The Ginger Snaps to come on! We talked about difficult it can be for be some people on the holidays, especially those disowned by their family because they are LGBTQ and/or an atheist. We also talked about the serial sexual assaulter David Silverman being caught again touching women again without their consent. Fortunately, he was fired by Atheist Alliance International for this latest transgression, although they shouldn’t have hired his creepy ass to begin with. We also just had some fun talking about various and sundry subjects. I hope everyone had a Happy Whatever The Fuck You Celebrate!

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Trans Lifeline

David Silverman Accused of “Creepy-Touching” After His Return to Leadership

The Ginger Snaps on Spreaker

The Ginger Snaps on Patreon

Amy Kuhel on Twitch

Amy Kuehl on Patreon

TPPP Episode 105 : A Woman Beyond Faith

This week on The Triple Po we spoke to Leah Helbling. She is co-host of the Women of Faith Podcast and a former evangelical Christian. We talk about her journey from ‘finding Jesus’ when she was a teenager and becoming an Evangelical Christian to deconverting and becoming an atheist activist. It really is a fascinating story filled with twists and turns, including going to the Creation Museum with her son, and how that trip and her son’s questions was the catalyst for leaving religion. I hope y’all enjoy it.

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Women Beyond Faith website

Women Beyond Faith on Facebook

Women Beyond Faith on Instagram

Leah Helbling on Facebook

TPPP Episode 104 : Heritage and Hate

A new episode of The Triple Po is upon us! This week is a news week, wherein Lyman and I give our important dudebro hot takes on current events. First off, I wanted to promote my good friend Melina Barrett and her run for Florida Senate, District 5. Melina Barratt is a trans woman running on progressive policies. I don’t have to tell y’all how much we need people like her in Florida and in the South generally. I am including her information and where you can donate in the show notes. We also gave a shot-out to my friend Robbin Renaud for her kind words about the podcast. She is an awesome person, and I greatly appreciate her compliment!
Lyman and I discussed several topics this week.
–  The shooting at a Pensacola airbase by a Saudi Air Force officer
–  The stabbings at London Bridge inspired by terrorism
–  Trump’s order regarding Judaism in relation to Title IX
–  David Silverman being suspended yet again, this time from Atheist Alliance International, because of sexual harassment allegations
–  Nikki Haley’s statement regarding the Confederate flag being ‘hijacked’ by Dylan Roof
And we talked about what alcohol we were consuming. So, basically just two guys hanging and running their mouths about the news. Enjoy!

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Meline Rayna for Florida Senate District 5, Democrat

Melina Rayna for Florida Senate District 5, Democrat on Facebook

Saudi Air Force member who killed 3 at U.S. Navy base had watched mass-shooting videos

London Bridge: What we know about the attack

London Bridge attack: What is the Learning Together scheme?

READ: Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump : NPR


Executive Order on Combating Anti-Semitism

David Silverman Accused of “Creepy-Touching” After His Return to Leadership

Oh, Nikki. You’re So Wrong.

Nikki Haley – Wikipedia

TPPP Episode 103 : Getting Clear about Scientology with Chris Shelton

Welcome to episode 103 of The Postmodern Polymaths Podcast! Lyman was not able to join me this week because he is on his deathbed with some sort of bacterial infection, but I somehow managed to carry on.

I had the pleasure of having Chris Shelton on this week. He is a former Scientologist turned anti-cult activist and critical thinker. He has written a book called Scientology: A to Xenu, An Insider’s Guide to What Scientology is All About, and he started a YouTube channel in 2013 where he has not only discussed Scientology at length but have interviewed psychologists, sociologist,  cult recovery experts, and former members of many other destructive cults about their experiences. We talked about all things Scientology, a subject which really fascinates me. We talked about his experiences as a Scientologist in the Sea Org, as well as some of the more interesting facts about Scientology, including the bizarre story of Xenu an the introduction of those pesky Thetans to our planet; what a Suppressive Person is; what a prick David Miscavige is; and a lot more. This episode runs longer than usual, and really could have lasted longer because I had so many questions, but I decided to stop at around an hour and a half, because I didn’t want y’all to have to endure my voice for too long. Thanks for listening!

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Chris Shelton’s YouTube Channel

Chris Shelton’s Blog

Scientology: A to Xenu, An Insider’s Guide to What Scientology is All About on Amazon