TPPP Episode 129 : Fearsome Foursome

It’s a foursome this episode, with Lyman and myself joined by the ever awesome Zach from Zachrilege Cast and friend Daniel Criss, sometime podcaster and owner of the sexiest voice in podcasting. We talk about David Silverman getting his ass handed to him by The Friendly Atheist, aka Hemant Mehta; the doing at CPAC, including a golden Trump idol; Daniel and his brother talk about the podcast they are planning about survival skills and depression; and much more. The audio is a little iffy at points, but I think y’all will still enjoy it.

Download the show here.

TPPP Episode 128 : Mason-Dixon Madness

Lyman returns and we talk about the Trump Impeachment Trial; the OMB confirmation getting a bit testy; U. S. risk of cyber attacks on infrastructure; Tennessee Governor douchebag Lee saying that trans women in sports is a major problem; Jason Isbell giving his royalties from the song he wrote, which was performed by some racist country fuck, to Nashville NAACP; where the fuck IS the Mason Dixon line?; and much more!

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TPPP Episode 126 : The Return of Lyman

Lyman is back from hiatus! We mostly talk about current politics, namely the Capitol riots and the newly elected Biden administration and the their plans, as well as executive order that have already been enacted. And we had people come and actually give comments that I read on the air! Will wonders never cease!

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TPPP Episode 125 : The Skeptical Satanist

Daniel Criss from The Skeptical Satanist Podcast joins me to talk about his denconversion; his experiences with Satanism; abortion. and sucking his own dick. No I swear!

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TPPP Episode 124 : Everyone’s Autonomous

This week I spoke to Marie D’Elephant, host of Everyone’s Autonomous Podcast. We talk about her show, her journey out of religion, her photography, her views on ethical non-monogamy, and more!

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TPPP Episode 123 : Angry Black Rant

Jon Livingston from Angry Black Rant as we talk about politics, voting, guns, me being old, because I turned 46 today. Yay me. If you want to get me something, become a patron, send money, or leave a rating on iTunes.

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TPPP Episode 122 : VP Blues

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, I thought I would do a new episode at my fancier digs. It feels homier than the other place. The other place was a just a bit too run-down for me. I have tastes for the finer things.

Anyway, Lyman wasn’t able to join me this time, so I was left unsupervised. The main subject though is that of Biden picking Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential running mate. I am not happy about it! But if you want to hear my full ramble about it, listen to the show! It’s me grumbling for an hour about it. I am going to share a link to an article though that helped me center my thinking regarding her record. Enjoy!

Download the show here.

TPPP Episode 121 : Parenting Without God

Writer, activist, and Antifa Board Member Dan Arel comes back on the show to talk about the second edition of his book ‘Parenting Without God’. We also talk about BLM; what White people need to do to help the movement, and defunding the police. Two White guys talking. Now THAT’S quality entertainment!

Download the show here.

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TPPP Episode 120 : Down in Dixieland

This incarnation of The Triple Po has us talking to the gentleman from Dixieland of the Proletariat Podcast. They are intrepid leftist dudes from Montgomery, Alabama trying to spread the word about the impending Communist revolution led by Soros and antifa. Or something. It’s really mostly mostly just a bull session between three Southerners and a Yankee about racism in the South, their podcast, video games, and a lot of other non-related miscellany. So come and sit a spell!

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