TPPP Episode 125 : The Skeptical Satanist

Daniel Criss from The Skeptical Satanist Podcast joins me to talk about his denconversion; his experiences with Satanism; abortion. and sucking his own dick. No I swear!

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TPPP Episode 90 : Teacher

Friend and fellow beer connoisseur Nico Dylan joins me this week to talk about the teachers’ strikes that started a year ago and have been picking up steam more lately, as well as her personal experiences as a teacher and the struggles teachers face that are causing these actions to take place We also talk about the #StopTheBans rally we both attended in Huntsville last weekend. I had some issues with my internet, but I will hopefully have those resolved by next episode.

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TPPP Episode 74 :Turpin’s Time

My guest this week for the Triple Po is Susan Turpin. She is an employee of Planned Parenthood, a quizmaster, and now the Treasurer the Texas Secular Caucus! We talk about abortion issues, the upcoming Supreme Court nomination battle, her quizmastering, and her political aspirations. Come give it a listen!

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Black Nonbelievers Summer Fundraising Drive
Geeks Who Drink QM The Susanturpin

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TPPP Episode 44 : P.O.W.E.R. to the Women

Welcome back to the podcast that will solve world hunger, The Podunk Polymath Podcast! First off, I mention that I will be on an upcoming episode of Habeas Humor with Charone Frankel, and she will return the favor on my next episode. We are going to talk about voter suppression and extra virgin olive oil. For the pre-ramble, I go a bit of a rant about Dave Rubin and how he got all upset about an article that sorta kinda implied he might be affiliated with the alt-right. And in a nice little bit of irony, he becomes a snowflake by threatening to sue!

On the palaver this week I speak with Melissa Smith Taylor, co-founder of the P.O.W.E.R. House, which is a nonprofit dedicated to women’s rights and LBTQ equality. We talk about her work with the P.O.W.E.R. House, how TRAP laws affect the affiliated abortion clinic, other TRAP laws across the nation, the escorts who help women to the clinic, and of course those protestors who make it a living hell for women wanting to get a legal procedure by shouting at them, getting in their faces, and taking pictures. We also talk briefly about the documentary TRAPped, in which the clinic and it’s owner June Ayers is featured in. Melissa and those like her are an inspiration and are really making a difference by being on the front lines of these battles. It’s not an easy story to listen to, but an important one. And please give to the P.O.W.E.R. House if you can. They always need help.

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Cashing in on the Rise of the “Alt Right”

THE P.O.W.E.R. HOUSE – People Organizing for Women’s Empowerment and Rights

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Mia Raven Talks About Alabama’s HB405 “Fetal Heartbeat Act”, 4-14-15


Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers – Guttmacher Institute

TPPP Episode 43 : A Woman’s Choice

Another episode of The Triple Po has come upon us. I have a guest read the show intro, Lexi from Scenic City Skeptic. I hope to make this a regular feature as long as I can entice enough people to do it. On the pre-ramble, I talk about Matthew O’Neil’s articles and my opinion of the person who threw him under the bus, and my reactions to Matthew and the articles themselves. I also have the second voicemail ever from William and Jessica, both of you have been on previous episodes and who met and became friends at ReasonCon. It’s a fun and rambling message!

On the palaver, I talk to my good friend Jen from Not Another Podcast about the history of abortion, her personal experiences with the procedure, and some of the myths associated with this extremely controversial topic. Jen makes clear that she didn’t regret her decision, and that most people are of the same mind. It is an enlightening conversation, and though Jen thinks her story isn’t remarkable, I still admire her courage for being willing to speak out about it. My hope is that other people will hear her story and it will make them feel not quite so alone.

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