TPPP Episode 139 : I Have Black Friends

For this episode I have not one, but TWO black dudes on my show! Tommy from Dixieland of the Proletariat Podcast is joined by Jon, formerly of Angry Black Rant Z Podcast as my guests. We touched on many subjects, and rambled on quite a bit. We were all a little stoned, honestly. Some of the things we covered were Tommy’s shitty taste in movies; Land back; Caucasians being called pinks by Jon and why; the goings on in Alabama and South Carolina, which are Tommy’s and Jon’s states of residences respectively; Covid; Allen West; and a whole lot more. After this episode, I officially can not be called racist. Right?

TPPP Episode 120 : Down in Dixieland

This incarnation of The Triple Po has us talking to the gentleman from Dixieland of the Proletariat Podcast. They are intrepid leftist dudes from Montgomery, Alabama trying to spread the word about the impending Communist revolution led by Soros and antifa. Or something. It’s really mostly mostly just a bull session between three Southerners and a Yankee about racism in the South, their podcast, video games, and a lot of other non-related miscellany. So come and sit a spell!

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