TPPP Episode 121 : Parenting Without God

Writer, activist, and Antifa Board Member Dan Arel comes back on the show to talk about the second edition of his book ‘Parenting Without God’. We also talk about BLM; what White people need to do to help the movement, and defunding the police. Two White guys talking. Now THAT’S quality entertainment!

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TPPP Episode 3 : Standing Up For DJ Conscious

This week on The Podunk Polymath Podcast, I start things off with a pre-ramble about Colin Kaepernick and my view on his choice to remain seated during the national anthem. I also announce an improvement to the production of the show.

For the Palaver, I have the one and only, the HNIC over at Angry Black Rant, Ishmael Brown. We discuss BLM, the history of racism and brutality in the country, and what the effects have been today. He also talks shit about Eli Bosnick, Thomas Smith, and Callie Wright about supporting Hillary (quite shameful really}, as well as Sincere Kirabo of the American Humanist Association, going so far as to call him ‘DJ Conscious’ and ‘MC Sincere’. He went off the rails a bit near the end, so my apologies to the listeners. On the whole, it was a great discussion. I hope you will enjoy this episode, and don’t forget to rate, share, and/or give me money!

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