TPPP Episode 130 : Keith the Crazy Canuck

Welcome fans to another episode of The Triple Po! I just today realized that I hadn’t released the podcast version of the show, and for that I give most humble apologies. Things slip my pickled mind on occasion. We had the pleasure of talking to Keith Spielman, aka Buddy the Lumberjack from Cellar Door Skeptics. We talk about renewing our acquaintance of around two years. We also talked about his work with Cellar Door Skeptics as the resident Canadian and general ne’er-do-well. Of course, we also had to talk about Canadian stuff, including how conservative his province of Alberta is, the accent, and whatever the fuck a toque is. It’s a longer than usual show, clocking in at two hours, but we covered a lot of ground on various and sundry topics. Enjoy!

Cellar Door Skeptics website

Keith on Twitter

TPPP Episode 102 : Northern Exposure

This week on The Triple Po, we have as our guest that kooky redneck Canuck Cory Johnston, friend of the show and co-host of The Brainstorm Podcast. We talk Canadian politics and news, including the firing of long time hockey announcer Don Cherry; the state of affairs in Saskatchewan and Alberta; the recent federal elections in Canada; Trudeau and blackface; Canadian football; and the Canadian health care system. At the end of the show, we somehow managed to briefly discuss Obama and his comments about being too woke and instead being a neoliberal, centrist piece of shit. Or something like that. We had a lot of fun.

Download the show here.

The Brainstorm Podcast

Cory Johnston on Twitter

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Winners and losers in the recent Canadian federal election

What we know about Justin Trudeau’s blackface photos — and what happens next

Jason Kenney Sports ‘I ♥ Oil And Gas’ Sweatshirt At 2019 Grey Cup

Obama calls out call-out culture: “That’s not bringing about change”