TPPP Episode 60 : Dan Arel, Commie Scum

Welcome to another exciting edition of The Triple Po! This week in the pre-ramble, I talk briefly about another mass shooting, this time at a small church in a small town in Texas. I opine about how we still won’t get gun control laws, and the futility of believing in a God that allows these incidents to happen. I also briefly talk about Trump’s new tax plan and how it’s royally screwing over the middle class.

On the palaver, I speak to my former archnemesis Dan Arel. We talk about our feud and how it occurred, as well as subjects such as Nazi punching and antifa, with a little Mythicist Milwaukee kvetching thrown in. We still have disagreements on certain tactics, and I let him know this, but I think we both felt like this was a productive and worthwhile exchange. I hope y’all agree.

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Texas Church Shooting Leaves At Least 26 Dead, Officials Say

Are you middle class enough to get a tax cut from President Trump’s plan?

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TPPP Episode 13 : Good William Hunting 

Welcome to another action-packed episode of The Triple Po! I only have one message for the pre-ramble . . . GO VOTE ! The episode will drop on Election Eve , so if you haven’t voted yet, please do so !

On the palaver , I have William Ferguson , a friend of mine on Facebook . He tells the story of his brief stint as a member of an Evangelical Christian Church. He also relates the difficulty of reconciling being gay with his Christian belief . He then tells of his journey away from religion and eventually to Atheism. It’s an important and painful story , and I thank William for coming on and speaking to me about something so personal .

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