Dakota Access Pipeline

TPPP Episode 6 : Necrophobic Circle Jerk

Welcome to another scintillating episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! I talk on te pre-ramble about two firsts, and also about some stories in the news that are less than pleasant, one new and one ongoing.

I have the pleasure on the palaver of speaking with two podcasters that I like and admire a great deal : Ari Stillman and Jeremiah Traeger, who both are on podcasts of their own (The Gaytheist Manifesto and No Religion Required, respectively) but have now joined together to form the irreverent but hilarious and topical SJW Circle Jerk. We have a wide ranging discussion about making fun of ourselves and the limits of such humor. And there’s lots of childish behavior, mostly from Jeremiah. We also find out that Ari doesn’t do well under pressure, like giving funny and original outros. I think you will agree that this is one of the best episodes of TPPP yet!

Download the show here.

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No Religion Required

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TPPP Episode 4 : Not Another Political Podcast

This week on The Podunk Polymath Podcast, I announce that was on The Brainstorm Podcast and most likely made a complete fool out of myself. Next, a pre-ramble regarding the ongoing saga of White butthurt regarding Colin Kaepernick, and a meeting that altered his stance somewhat, both figuratively and literally. As a last-minute addendum, I talk about a protest that is not getting much press coverage against a pipeline being a built through North Dakota and nearby states by Native American tribes. The company has set dogs and pepper sprayed protesters, and the pipeline itself is dangerous and is a recipe for disaster.

For the palaver I have the bi-national duo from Not Another Atheist Podcast, Jen and Keith. We talk about Hillary and her strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. Of course, there is Jen’s trademark New York-accented tirades and Keith’s almost total lack of contribution to the conversation. It’s a funny, cringe-inducing, and occasionally insightful conversation that’s sure to at least make y’all shake your head in disbelief. I hope y’all enjoy this episode of The Triple-Po!

Download the show here.

‘White Onion Privilege with Chris Watson’, my appearance on The Brainstorm Podcast

VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray

Crude Oil – The Dakota Access Pipeline: A Closer Look

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