TPPP Episode 7 : Pastor Jay Gets Overstimulated

Welcome to another edition of TPPP! This week, I welcome a new patron, Daylin. I also talk about my appearance on The Atheist Nomads’ Light The Night Streamthon, which was a lot of fun.I then do a little ramblin’ on the pre-ramble, on which I talk about two more Black men being killed because of officers with itchy trigger fingers.All the while football fans in Tennessee are burning couches because of a win, and, of course, that’s just all harmless fun!

For the palaver this week I have a friend of mine on, Jason Comeau aka Pastor Jay, to talk about disagreements in our community and how the ability to hash these differences out amicably seems to have been lost to some extent. We also talk about how different types of personalities, specifically activists and those who don’t have that skillset, can communicate without resorting to name calling. I think we had a difficult conversation that is too rarely discussed, and I think you will enjoy the insights even if you may not necessarily agree with the conclusions. Thank y’all for stopping by once again, and I hope you enjoy it.

Download the show here.

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