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TPPP Episode 66 : #metoo

It’s time once again for another installment of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week in the pre-ramble, I speak about more Trump shenanigans, namely his button measuring contest with North Korea, the release of a new book about the unmitigated disaster that is the Trump administration, and finally an op-ed in the New York Times by the organization that released the Steele dossier. All in all, things are looking pretty bad for Our Orange Overlord, though I daresay Congressional Republicans will prevent any substantive charges from touching Trump.

On the palaver this week, I talk to one of the co-hosts of Brainstorm Podcast, Angela Reddekopp. We have a frank and in-depth discussion about the origins of the #metoo movement, its effects both positive and negative, the backlash, and what we can do as individuals to keep the conversation going, most especially having men talking and doing something to monitor and modify their behavior as well as other men. It’s not always an easy discussion, but it’s one that is vitally important if we are serious about changing this culture of seeing women as property and dangerously toxic masculinity.

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Trump: I have a ‘much bigger’ button than Kim Jong Un

Michael Wolff’s explosive book on Trump “Fire and Fury” released

The Republicans’ Fake Investigations

Who is Tarana Burke? Meet the woman who started the Me Too movement a decade ago

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TPPP Episode 56 : Southern Inhospitality

The Triple Po is in full effect! This week on the pre-ramble I read a kind message I received, and then I go on a bit of a rant about Trump’s comments about those not standing for the flag in which he calls them ‘sons of bitches’, once again demonstrating what a disgraceful piece of shit the Orange Overlord is.

On the palaver I speak with atheist, musician, and fellow Tennesseean Stephen Barry. We talk about his experiences with racism in the South; his life as a military brat; his music; as well other things. We had a great conversation. I hope y’all enjoy it!

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Trump : NFL owners should fire players who protest the national anthem

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TPPP Episode 50 : Real Life with the Crails

It’s time once again for The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble I talk about Trump tweeting that transgender folk will no longer be allowed in the military, once again proving that he’s a heartless prick, among many other things. We also find out how McCain redeemed himself a bit by voting against the repeal of Obamacare. We then go back to the radioactive Trump administration to find a foul-mouthed fuckstick has taken up the position of White House Communications Director. Finally, we wrap things up on a positive note by announcing a live show for the one year anniversary of the podcast!

On the palaver this week, I speak with my friends Jenica and Patrick Crail about their activism; their journey to deconversion; their new podcast; murder; their favorite kind of beer; and much more! These are the two of the coolest atheists ever, and definitely one of the hottest couples. I guarantee you’ll fall in love a with them… or else!

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Transgender People Can Still Serve for Now, U.S. Military Says

McCain casts crucial vote to kill ‘skinny’ ObamaCare repeal

Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon

Real Life Beyond Faith

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TPPP Episode 46 : Humanist Service Beyond Belief

Thanks for joining me once again for that podcast that is more addictive than crack, The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week’s intro is read by those spicy redheads from The Ginger Snaps, and of course they had to do it THEIR way! On the pre-ramble I talk about the inaugural Atheists in the Pub held at East Nashville Beer Works in Nashville. We had a good group of people come out, and I look forward to doing future AitP’s with even more people! If you’re in the Middle Tennessee area, or anywhere else, come and check out the next event if you can. I also briefly mention the Cheeto-in-Chief’s not so veiled threat to commit violence on CNN. What can you even say anymore?

On the palaver I speak to Jude Lane and Warren Tidwell from the Humanist Service Corps, which is under the umbrella of the Foundation Beyond Belief. They tell me about their work in Ghana assisting women who are accused of being witches; helping with building vital infrastructure in the villages; as well as some of the challenges they encounter in their endeavors. I admire these guys greatly, indeed anyone who does this sort of work in the service of humanism. I think it helps to show that atheists are capable of doing good, and that we can achieve great things. I think y’all would agree that their stories are very inspiring, and we should all strive to do more within our own abilities to help people.

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Lawmakers blast Trump’s ‘crude, false, and unpresidential’ CNN tweet

Foundation Beyond Belief

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Humanist Service Corps

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TPPP Episode 35 : Flight to Freedom 

Greetings and welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! First off, I want to apologize for the quality of my voice in the pre- and post- rambles, as well as my inebriation. I honestly didn’t even realize I was that affected until I edited it. I hope y’all are not too put off by it! In the pre-ramble, I discuss the missile attack on Syrian bases by the U.S. In my opinion, it was a mistake and only makes things worse in the region, plus Russia is not happy about it and will make things worse in relations at a time when we can ill afford it. I am honestly nervous about what’s going to happen next.

On the palaver this week, I speak to Mel Rice, who endured domestic violence for twenty years. She speaks about her overall journey; recounts horrifying incidents that highlight the potentially fatal consequences of her situation; her ultimate escape from her abuser; and her life today as a survivor and a successful woman. Her journey was a terrifying one, but she was ultimately able to escape and rebuild her life. Hopefully, her story will let other victims know they aren’t alone, and it will educate others on the importance and seriousness of this all too underreported crime.

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Trump launches military strike against Syria 

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TPPP Episode 28 : Enbys Unite!

It’s time for another exciting episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble, I talk about two Donald Trump conferences : One in which he rambles and calls the press the ‘enemy of the American People’, and one in which he claims that some sort of terrorist incident occurred in Sweden, when nothing in fact happened at all. I also talk about Milo’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, and how Larry Wilmore is my hero. I also mention how Trav Mamone recorded a promo for NaNoCon 2017, and how awesome he is for doing so!

On the palaver this week, I talk to Ari Stillman, William Ferguson, and Katie Quesnel about their experiences and journeys being nonbinary.We talk about the struggles they face; how and when they became aware they were ‘different’; the extent to which they are ‘out’; and what cis people can do to help the non-binary community. This was a learning experience for me, and I hope you will learn as much as I did, or, if you are non-binary yourself, that you realize that you are not alone.

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Full Transcript and Video: Trump News Conference

Trump Calls the News Media the ‘Enemy of the American People’

‘Last Night in Sweden’? Trump’s Remarks Baffle a Nation

Milo Yiannopoulos found a bromance with Bill Maher. Then he met his other guests.

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TPPP Episode 27 : An Unconventional Conversation

Welcome to another exciting installment of The Triple Po! This week on an unusually long pre-ramble, I talk about how the 9th Circuit Court upheld the ruling against Trump’s Muslim ban, and how awesome it is anytime he get pissed off and throws a tantrum on Twitter. I also talk about the confirmation of DeVos and Sessions as Secretary of Education and Attorney General, respectively, as well as how Elizabeth Warren was silenced during the Sessions nomination because she trying to read the Coretta Scott King letter, even though her male counterparts had done so earlier. I then talk about Melissa McCarthy’s impression on SNL and how butthurt Trump got about that particular incident. I then talk about various town hall meetings in the countries where people were particularly vocal against their representatives, as well as some protests that occurred during the week. Finally, I read a new iTunes review and an email I received.

For the palaver I have co-organizer of NaNoCon 2017 Patrick Horst.We talk about his journey from being a Mennonite to becoming an atheist.We also talk about the origin of NaNocon and his work with the convention.Finally, we talk about his work with Sunday Assembly Nashville and how he became involved with that institution. It’s a fun-filled ride this week on The Podunk Polymath Podcast, and I hope y’all enjoy it!

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Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss

White House rattled by McCarthy’s spoof of Spicer

Betsy DeVos confirmed as education secretary; vice president casts historic tie-breaking vote

Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Attorney General, Capping Bitter Battle

Silencing Elizabeth Warren backfires on Senate GOP

Read the letter Coretta Scott King wrote opposing Sessions’s 1986 federal nomination

Sean Spicer Press Conference (Melissa McCarthy) – SNL

Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open – SNL

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TPPP Episode 26 : A Different Kind of War

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast. This week in the pre-ramble, I talk about how Trump’s ban against Muslims entering the country was struck down by a Federal judge and upheld by an Appeals Court. I then talk about my attendance at a rally/protest at the State Capitol and what it was like, as well as the purpose of the rally itself.

For the palaver I talk to long-time friend Emily White, who was a victim of sexual assault while in the military. We talk about her harrowing personal experience; her struggles with PTSD and mental illness generally as a result; as well as the prevalence of sexual assault in the military as a whole and the lack of proper oversight and effective reporting methods, as well as attempts by Congress to reform the system and the results of those efforts. It was a difficult subject for Emily to talk about, and I greatly appreciate her coming on to talk about it, and I think she is incredibly brave for doing so. I can only hope her story will help others dealing with similar situations and the aftermath of such a brutal action.

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Appeals Court Rejects Request to Immediately Restore Travel Ban

Grassroots group protests at Tennessee State Capitol

We Are Watching Rally at the Capitol on Facebook

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TPPP Episode 25 : The Problem of Prisons

Greetings and thanks for joining me for another exciting episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble I talk about the Cheeto-in-Chief’s latest efforts to irrevocably destroy our nation. This time he has issued a ban on immigrants from certain countries on entering the country, although none of those countries had anything do with 9/11, and most of the countries omitted are ones that, I’m sure coincidentally, Trump has business interests in. I also talk about the protests at airports in response to this travesty, as well as #deleteUber, and Lyft stepping up to give a million dollars to the ACLU. Lastly, I tell how I myself have decided to become a member of the ACLU in light of their successful fight to get a federal judge to issue an emergency stay preventing refugees from being expelled from the country, although apparently DHS agents are not complying with the order.

On the palaver I talk to Fred Sims, co-host of ORly Radio and former corrections officer, about the prison crisis in our country. We talk about the US having the largest number of people in prison; the disproportionate representation of African American males in the prison population; the issue of private prisons; solitary confinement; as well as what we can do as ordinary citizens to bring attention to these problems to our political representatives. This is a time to test men’s souls, and I fear this episode is less than upbeat. However, we have to resist as much as we can to fight Trump and his abhorrent policies, and that means constantly challenging these policies as much and as often as we can. Resist!

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Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries

Federal Court Grants Stay In Challenge To Trump Immigration Ban

Protests Erupt Nationwide for Second Day Over Trump’s Travel Ban

Border agents defy courts on Trump travel ban, congressmen and lawyers say

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TPPP Episode 24 : The Polymath Does Polyamory, Part 2

Welcome to this week’s episode The Podunk Polymath Podcast! In a longer than usual pre-ramble, I basically go on a tipsy rant about Trump’s inauguration and how much I hate the idea of him being President, as well as talk about the Womens’ March and the need for people to resist the horrendous policies that are sure to come down the pike.

On the palaver, I have part 2 of the round table discussion on polyamory. We touch on how they deal with the issue of children in a polyamorous relationship; the issue of jealousy; and other subjects. I think y’all will enjoy the rest of this conversation. I can’t think Shane, Leigh, Kory, Jeannie, Danny, and Heina enough for coming on and talking so candidly about polyamory with me. I learned a lot, and I hope y’all did as well.

On the conclusion, I talk about the fact that I got TWO more patrons, including one at the $5 level! That one wanted to remain anonymous, but one the new patrons is Robert Ray from Secular Yakking and The Original Motto Project! Thank you so much! To close out the show, though, I talk about the need to resist, and that if anyone needs any help of any kind, I will do whatever is in my power to assist. We have to stick together, because I am afraid things are going to get worse before they get better.

Download the show here.

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