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TPPP Episode 15 : Assembly Required

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble, I talk about how the cast of ‘Hamilton’ and how they had some words for Pence who was in attendance at one of their shows, and how Trump can’t shut up about it. He said the theater was, get this, a safe space! Oh you thin-skinned orange buffoon! Are these the kind of tantrums we can look forward to for four years? And if some theater actors can get under your skin so easily, what are you going to do when a world leader or ISIS pisses you off? The prospects are truly frightening to contemplate.

On the palaver I speak with Felicia Powers, Former Community Director at Sunday Assembly Baltimore. We talk about humanism; Sunday Assembly; her experiences at a Christian school; and her journey to Atheism. Felicia is an incredibly passionate person, and I’m sure you will find her story extremely compelling. I hope you enjoy listening this episode of the Triple Po as much as I had putting it together!

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‘Hamilton’ Had Some Unscripted Lines for Pence. Trump Wasn’t Happy.

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TPPP Episode 14 : Election Depression 

This is the second ‘special edition’ of The Podunk Polymath Podcast. The pre-ramble is very brief, and I only read a new review of the show I received on iTunes.

On the palaver, I have a roundtable discussion with three guests : Former guests Jeanne Ikerd and Matthew O’Neil, as well as Canadian David Eastmond from The Wayward Atheists Podcast. We have a wide-ranging discussion about the outcome of the presidential election, and what we can do as concerned citizens to help those marginalized groups that could potentially affected by Trump’s policies. I hope this episode helps people realize that there are people out there willing to help in any way they can, and also that it’s time to stand up and do something to make sure that fear doesn’t win. Please, y’all who are scared and worried, stay safe and know that you’re not alone.

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A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support


That piece of shit known as Donald Trump won the election. But that doesn’t mean it’s fucking over.

The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists

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TPPP Episode 11 : Rebel With A Bible 

On this episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast, I have a guest co-host for the pre-ramble this week, my good friend Eric Parsons. We talk about the final Presidential debate and how thankful we will be when the damn election is over! 

For the palaver, I have author, student, musician, and tattooed badass Matthew O’Neil. We talk about his writing, his scholarly pursuits, and what it’s like being a humanist chaplain. It’s a very informative and occasionally hilarious interview. I hope y’all enjoy the latest awesome installment of the PoPoPo! 

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TPPP Episode 10 : Let’s Get Biskeptical 

Welcome to another action-packed episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week I kick things off with a pre-ramble about a recently read book and how it has affected my thoughts on Hillary and Trump.

On the palaver, I speak to the dynamic duo from The Biskeptical Podcast, Trav Mamone and Morgan Stringer. We talk about their podcast; what subjects they’ve covered; and the struggles of Bi individuals have being recognized as a legitimate part of the LGBT movement. There was a lot of laughing, as well as discussion of serious topics. I hope y’all enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording it!  

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More allegations, questionable Trump comments on women surface 

Trump Accuses Clinton of Guiding Global Elite Against U.S. Working Class

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TPPP Episode 9 : Local Hero

On this week’s episode of The Triple-Po, I start off with a triple threat pre-ramble. First, I talk about Trump’s odious taped utterances regarding power and sexual assault, but I also wonder if people realize that Slick Willy isn’t exactly a friend to the female gender, and he will in all likelihood actually be in the White House. I then give my thoughts on both the first Presidential Debate and the Vice Presidential Debate, both of which are fairly short and sweet.

For the palaver, I spoke with local transgender activist Carla Lewis. We talked about how she became an activist; her brief stint in the military; and her love of sci-fi and fantasy, among many other things. Did I mention she has a stand up arcade version of Galaga? Anyway, we had a great conversation, and I hope to meet her soon, because she seems like a cool person to hang out with! I hope you enjoy the latest installment, and remember to leave a review on iTunes if you get the hankering.

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Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005

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