East Tennessee

TPPP Episode 17 : Invisible No More

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! In the pre-ramble I talk about the shooting death of Joe McKnight and how the murderer was treated with kid gloves by the authorities. Also, I speak about the wildfires in East Tennessee and the destruction in Gatlinburg, as well as the deaths and property loss of so many people. I talk about how you can help, and what organizations are contributing to the effort.

On the palaver I speak to blogger, activist, and author of ‘Young, Sick, and Invisible’ Ania Bula. We talk about her book, her struggles, her triumphs, ableism, and what abled people can do to help disabled people gain the recognition and dignity they deserve. I was extremely honored to speak with Ania, and I highly recommend her book.

I also wanted to mention that I had the second best week for downloads, behind only the inaugural week, thanks largely to the episode with Tucker Drake, host of The Atheist in the Trailer Park Podcast. His episode has proven to be very popular! Also, my promo appeared on his show as well as Secular Yakking (whose promo is on this episode). Thanks to everyone who listens, and I hope you enjoy the show!

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