Can’t A Guy Get A Blowjob From Jesus Anymore?

I read yesterday a story about a 14-Year-Old boy being charged with “desecration of a venerated object” in Pennsylvania. What was the horrible act he committed to elicit this charge? He pretended a Jesus Statue was sucking his dick. He didn’t damage the statue in any way. He simply climbed on top of it and shoved his crotch into the mouth of our Savior.
A picture of his unholy act was posted on his Facebook page, where he received many comments, both humored and horrified. The cops found out about the picture and decided to charge him with the aforementioned crime. It should be noted that the owner of the statue, a local Christian organization by the name Love In The Name Of Christ, declined to press charges. So, basically, we have an overzealous local law enforcement agency bringing these charges of their own accord. If convicted, the charges could land this kid in Juvenile Detention for up to two years.
This is the kind of bullshit that seriously pisses me off about the primacy of Christianity in this country. As I mentioned before, there was absolutely NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE to this statue. All he did was climb on it, which is probably ill-advised, but not necessarily illegal. As for the act itself, I think it’s fucking hilarious. I myself would have probably done a similar thing if I saw that statue. I love spitting in the eye (or coming in the mouth of) religious taboos, especially those of Christianity. I’d buy the kid a drink if he was old enough. And to think he could get TWO YEARS in Juvy for this “crime” just makes my blood boil.
One more thing : This didn’t happen in the South. It happened in Pennsylvania. Granted, I have heard that the Keystone State is “Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between”, but this should be a reminder that these sort of religiously inspired laws are not just in Mississippi or Louisiana, but also in other parts of the country. Thankfully, the FFRF has taken notice of the incident, and has published a blog post about it, at the end of which they state:

If the attorney or public defender wishes to consult FFRF’s legal staff on the unconstitutional nature of the desecration statute, he or she may get in touch with us by filling out this form: http://ffrf.org/legal/report

Hopefully, if it does go to court, the FFRF can bring the pain and show these fucking yokels that you can’t convict somebody just because they dissed a replica of your skydaddy’s son.

A Shameless Plug for the Freedom From Religion Foundation and Atheists on Air

  As I stated in an earlier blog post, I have recently started listening to a podcast entitled Atheists on Air, which is livecast and also a podcast. I love this show because the host Cash is an unabashed Godless heathen redneck, and he cusses up a whirlwind when he gets pissed. The latest episode has the Cashster going off on a profanity-laden tirade about the Hobby Lobby decision, and implores his listeners and viewers to get a membership to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, or FFRF. He is even giving memberships away to the first 20 people that email him and state that they can’t afford the membership fee, which is $40. I thought this was a great gesture, and I think it’s going to a great cause.

 In case you don’t know about the FFRF, it’s a non-profit organization that was established in 1978. On its website, it states its main goal thusly : “The Foundation works as an umbrella for those who are free from religion and are committed to the cherished principle of separation of state and church.” I would say, from an Atheist perspective, this is a laudable goal.

  I am often leery to give my money to anything, mostly because I’m broke and part with my hard-earned cash only reluctantly, but the Foundation plays a very active role in bringing suits against entities both private and public which have violated in some way the principle of the separation of Church and State. A feature on their website even allows individuals to inform the Foundation of a potential violation. Cash has stated on the show that the Foundation is very quick to reply to all correspondence, and will send out letters to violators in a matter of weeks.

  I forgot to mention that Cash even had Annie Laurie Gaylor on the show who, along her husband Dan Barker are co-Presidents of the FFRF. After hearing the interview (which you can listen to or download here), I realized just what an important role the Foundation plays in the maintenance of the wall that separates Church and State, even if currently in seems to be in a terrible state of disrepair. I will admit I have not gotten a membership yet, because as I said I am broke and working two jobs just to have a little bit extra, but I encourage my fellow Atheists to consider donating to this organization. It may be one of the only bulwarks against further encroachment by religion on our rights. And by all means check out Atheists on Air, an excellent show that all vulgar heathens should listen to. You can either see or listen live, as well as download the podcast. Cash has guests, a segment with his co-host Professor Stephen on woo and pseudo-science, callers, and lots of down home Southern charm. And cussing. Lots of cussing. So don’t just sit there, git to listenin’ and donatin’!