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TPPP Episode 116 : Things to do in Quarantine When You're Bored

Welcome once again to the The Triple Po! This week, I asked Amy from The Ginger Snaps Podcast on once again to co-host since I wasn’t sure if my crazy but cool scatterbrain of a co-host Lyman was coming on. He did, however, deign to come on later.

Initially, I was going to talk about the current shitshow that passes as politics nowadays, as well as everyone’s favorite pandemic, but Amy convinced me that she was tired of hearing about it, and probably everyone else was too, so instead we talked about fun stuff we could do to keep our minds off the imminent apocalypse! We talked about everything from video games, to free books, to movies, and so much more! Lyman joined us about halfway through, but he didn’t really have anything of substance to offer up, as usual. He’s mostly here for his boyish charm. I hope we take y’all’s minds off how fucked our species is for at least a little while. Now stay home and wash your fucking hands!

Download the show here.

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