Governor Lee

TPPP Episode 135 : Junk Going Numb

Zach joins me again for another episode of the bestest show by two mediocre White guys. We talk about the Phil Torres article regarding the merging of New Atheists and the far-right. We also talk about how mostly White dudes got their fragile feelings hurt by even suggesting such a thing. Some of them are podcasters y’all might know. Just saying. Oh, and my junk going numb is also a topic. And the recent developments regarding how my lovely state is banning vaccine outreach to kids. We’re in a race to bottom. Mississippi here we come!

TPPP Episode 128 : Mason-Dixon Madness

Lyman returns and we talk about the Trump Impeachment Trial; the OMB confirmation getting a bit testy; U. S. risk of cyber attacks on infrastructure; Tennessee Governor douchebag Lee saying that trans women in sports is a major problem; Jason Isbell giving his royalties from the song he wrote, which was performed by some racist country fuck, to Nashville NAACP; where the fuck IS the Mason Dixon line?; and much more!