Kory Diggs

TPPP Episode 19 : A Hidden Epidemic

It’s time for another episode of The Triple Po! This week I kick things off in the pre-ramble by talking about the Chinese Navy seizing a U.S. Navy Drone and my  take on what caused it and what could be the outcome. I also tell y’all I did a little rant video on YouTube about Trump and how I can’t stand him. I may or may not have been inebriated. Lastly, I talk about how I received a mysterious voicemail on the voicemail line left  by a gentleman who sounds strangely familiar. This gentleman had what sounded like a British accent, and he gives us Season’s Greeting, heathen and believer alike!

On the palaver, I speak with Kory Diggs about human trafficking. We talk about what human trafficking is; the different types that exist; who is most affected; her own stories about working with victims; as well as what we can do to help. It’s a somber subject, to be sure, but one that does not get anywhere near the attention it needs or deserves. I hope y’all learn something from this conversation, because I certainly did. Thank your for listening.

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