TPPP Episode 86 : Life After God

Thanks once again for joining me on the show that your mother warned you about : The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week, I speak to activist, podcast host, humanist chaplain, speaker, and National Organizing Manager for Secular Student Alliance Ryan Bell. As a minister Ryan decided to go a year without God, and became an atheist as result. He kept a blog about his experience, and he has spoken many times about his experience. He also has a podcast named Life After God, as well a website, both of which he uses to talk about and help those coming out of religion. He is also a social justice advocate who is not shy about speaking his mind about those issues he feels strongly about. We talked about his journey to atheism, his a activism, and his podcast. We then get into the reluctance of some in the atheist community to speak about social justice. Somehow we end up talking about politics and the shitshow that is the Trump Administration. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I think you will too.

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Life After God

Ryan Bell’s Page

Secular Student Alliance

TPPP Episode 38 : A Minister’s Journey 

Thanks for joining me for another installment of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble, I talk about positive things, because we have enough negative news to go around. First, I tell about new likes and read new iTunes reviews. I then mention that I was Country Fried Freethought,  as well as my impending appearance on the Imaginary Friends Show. Finally, I talk about Macron’s victory over the far-right nationalist and Putin ally Marine Le Pen in a landslide. So, at least for now, the march of toxic nationalism in Europe has been halted.

On the palaver I speak to former minister Joshua Richards. We talk about his journey from faith into atheism. He is a very charismatic speaker, and his story is one of struggle and pain, but ultimately results in revelation and freedom. Joshua’s story is an inspiration to anyone who has taken the often difficult path out of religion. His message : it does get better.

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Macron Decisively Defeats Le Pen in French Presidential Race

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