Noah Lugeons

TPPP Episode 34 : No Illusions About God Awful Movies 

Welcome to The Triple Po! I don’t have much to say on the pre-ramble this week, but I do mention that I was on Not Another Atheist Podcast with Jen and Keith talking about NaNoCon as well some other things. I also mention that I will be on a couple of future episodes of The Atheist in the Trailer Park Podcast with Tucker Drake. I am not sure when they will be released, but I will make sure to post on the social medias when they do. Lastly, I briefly mention that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has asked for immunity to testify before Congress about the Trump’s administration ties to Russia. Hopefully, this will lead to impeachment, though it’s probably unlikely. Oh, and the Federal Judge in Hawaii continued the stay regarding the enforcement of Trump’s new and improved Muslim ban, which of course is awesome news.

For the palaver I have co-host of The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, and Skepticrat Noah Lugeons on to talk about the Christian movie industry and how his show mercilessly satirizes the products of that industry. We also talk about the history and current state of the industry and perhaps the disturbing future. It was a great conversation and I am really glad Noah came on to speak with me.

Download the show here.

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