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TPPP Episode 89 : Embrace The Ethics

Welcome to this episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This episode was cursed because the first time there was an internet outage; the second time there was a scheduling conflict:and the third time Hangouts wouldn’t work. I finally had to record as a podcast, but even that required a lot of time and energy to sync. But the gospel of Aaron Rabinowitz and the Void shall not be silenced! Of course, Aaron co-hosts both Embrace the Void and Philosophers in Space, and he is also a professor, so he was the perfect person to talk to about Ethics and its real world implications, as well as why I should give a fuck. He did a good job learning me on the subject, and I am now motivated to do a little more reading. I hope y’all learn something to!

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TPPP Episode 79 : Why The F*ck Should I Care About Philosophy?

This week I have on Nathan Dickey for one purpose : To tell me what I should care about philosophy. But first, we discussed the recent death of John McCain and our feelings on it. But then the main topic of philosophy was discussed. We discussed what philosophy is; a brief of history of how it evolved in its current understanding; how there are any good philosophy ‘communicators’ out there of any great stature to explain things to the layman; and some sources that are trying to do just that, via podcasts and YouTube. It’s a fascinating discussion. I don’t if he know convinced me or not, but he has definitely given me some things to think about. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will one day give a fuck about philosophy!

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