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TPPP Episode 51 : Reasonable Discussion Of Gentrification

It’s time once again for another exciting episode of The Triple Po! In the pre-ramble I give a synopsis of what happened at the second iteration of Atheists at the Pub. Spoiler : It was fucking awesome! I then mention my drunken appearance on Brainstorm Podcast, and especially my rant about an article regarding trans people and dating. Also, friend and previous guest on the show Natalie Newell was on The Scathing Atheist to talk about her documentary ‘Science Moms’.

For the palaver of, I have host of Reasonable Risk podcast to talk about gentrification. We talk the definition of gentrification, asking well as the pros and cons. We then offer up ways that a balance might be achieved between the needs of developers and those people who are being harmed by the effects of gentrification.

On the post-ramble I apologize for the shitty sound quality of my side of the interview, which almost certainly a result of the laptop mic somehow being uses as opposed to my regular microphone. And once again because I have a shitty memory and I forgot to mention the fact in the pre-ramble, I mention that the show logo was spruced up a bit, just in time for the #OneYearPodunkiversary. Speaking of that, I also forgot to mention in the pre-ramble that the one-year anniversary live show is coming up on August 12th. Make sure you ‘call in’ via Google Hangouts. It should be a lot of fun. There might even be some Facebook karaoke involved! Thanks for listening, and I hope y’all enjoy the show!

Download the show here.

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TPPP Episode 36 : Mom on a Mission 

Welcome to another fun-filled episode of the podcast you love to hate, The Podunk Polymath Podcast! On the pre-ramble this week I give my commentary on the riots that happened in Berkeley Saturday pitting anti-fascists against Trump supporters, which has people arguing AGAIN about the merits of punching Nazis.

On the palaver this week I speak with co-host of The Science Enthusiast Podcast; creator and director of the documentary ‘Science Moms’; creator the Skeptical Parenting Facebook page; badass mother of two children; and jizz enthusiast Natalie Newell. We had a great conversation about the podcast she co-hosts with Dan Broadbent, which consists mostly of guests and dick jokes. We then talk about her documentary which aims to give parents the skills to make rational, evidence-based decisions about their children’s health. Finally we talk about her love of memes and she uses them to lure people to her page in the hopes that they will stay from the important stuff. There is a lot of cursing and hilarity this week on the show, a I think y’all will enjoy Natalie’s wit and ability to curse like a sailor.

Download the show here.

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