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TPPP Episode 27 : An Unconventional Conversation

Welcome to another exciting installment of The Triple Po! This week on an unusually long pre-ramble, I talk about how the 9th Circuit Court upheld the ruling against Trump’s Muslim ban, and how awesome it is anytime he get pissed off and throws a tantrum on Twitter. I also talk about the confirmation of DeVos and Sessions as Secretary of Education and Attorney General, respectively, as well as how Elizabeth Warren was silenced during the Sessions nomination because she trying to read the Coretta Scott King letter, even though her male counterparts had done so earlier. I then talk about Melissa McCarthy’s impression on SNL and how butthurt Trump got about that particular incident. I then talk about various town hall meetings in the countries where people were particularly vocal against their representatives, as well as some protests that occurred during the week. Finally, I read a new iTunes review and an email I received.

For the palaver I have co-organizer of NaNoCon 2017 Patrick Horst.We talk about his journey from being a Mennonite to becoming an atheist.We also talk about the origin of NaNocon and his work with the convention.Finally, we talk about his work with Sunday Assembly Nashville and how he became involved with that institution. It’s a fun-filled ride this week on The Podunk Polymath Podcast, and I hope y’all enjoy it!

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Silencing Elizabeth Warren backfires on Senate GOP

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