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TPPP Episode 36 : Mom on a Mission 

Welcome to another fun-filled episode of the podcast you love to hate, The Podunk Polymath Podcast! On the pre-ramble this week I give my commentary on the riots that happened in Berkeley Saturday pitting anti-fascists against Trump supporters, which has people arguing AGAIN about the merits of punching Nazis.

On the palaver this week I speak with co-host of The Science Enthusiast Podcast; creator and director of the documentary ‘Science Moms’; creator the Skeptical Parenting Facebook page; badass mother of two children; and jizz enthusiast Natalie Newell. We had a great conversation about the podcast she co-hosts with Dan Broadbent, which consists mostly of guests and dick jokes. We then talk about her documentary which aims to give parents the skills to make rational, evidence-based decisions about their children’s health. Finally we talk about her love of memes and she uses them to lure people to her page in the hopes that they will stay from the important stuff. There is a lot of cursing and hilarity this week on the show, a I think y’all will enjoy Natalie’s wit and ability to curse like a sailor.

Download the show here.

21 arrested as hundreds of Trump supporters and counter-protesters clash at Berkeley rally

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