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TPPP Episode 22 : Adamantly Atheist 

Welcome to another episode of everybody’s favorite Southern podcast! This week on the pre-ramble, I start the long-delayed Twitter follower roundup. I also mention that I will be on an upcoming episode of Inciting Incident Podcast. Finally, I talk about a tweet I sent out that kicked up a little controversy.

On the palaver, I talk to atheist activist and all-around awesome human being Adam Collins. We talk about his journey to atheism; his controversial exploits that have made him infamous; the Atheists of Facebook Online Convention; his run for Cincinnati City Council; as well as other interesting and cringe worthy topics. Adam is honest, kind, charismatic, and gives zero fucks, and I really enjoyed talking to him. I hope y’all enjoy listening to the conversation.

In the outro I mention that the episode with Bryce Blankenagel is really popular and has already jumped to number two in total episode downloads behind the inaugural episode. The show got the Blankenagel Bump! I hope y’all enjoy the show!

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TPPP Episode 8 :YouTube Warrior

It’s time for another installment of everyone’s favorite Tennessee SJW podcast! On the pre-ramble, I read a great new iTunes review from my first interviewee, Jeanne Ikerd. I also talk about the cultural impact and sheer awesomeness of Netflix’s newest original series, Luke Cage.

On the palaver, I talk to YouTuber and activist Steve Shives. We talk about his battles against the toxic racism and misogyny put out by a certain coterie of YouTube atheists. We also talked about the importance of spreading social justice in the secular community. We also talk about his interview with blogger Martin Hughes, and the blog posts Hughes wrote that raised the ire of a certain YouTube atheist. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast!

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Luke Cage: A Bulletproof Black Man in the Black Lives Matter Era

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Martin Hughes and Steve Shives Talk About Atheism and Racism

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The Amazing Atheist Denies He’s Racist…By Being Racist


TPPP Episode 5 : The Amazing War on Drugs 

On this episode of everyone’s favorite SJW podcast, I talk briefly on the pre-ramble about the Christian love exhibited by a High School football game announcer who suggests those not standing for the pledge or national anthem should be shot.

On the palaver I talk to those Michigan Madmen from Cellar Door Skeptics about the War on Drugs, specifically its causes and effects, and its utter failure to achieve anything that could remotely considered a success.

For the conclusion, I fanboy a bit over a new follower of the podcast! I hope you enjoy this latest installment of the Triple Po!

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Alabama HS Football Announcer: If You Don’t Stand for the National Anthem, You Should Be Shot

The Atheist in the Trailer Park Episode 0117 : 2 Esdras The Voices in His Head 

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The ‘war on drugs’ in numbers: a systematic failure of policy

The UN’s war on drugs is a failure. Is it time for a different approach?

‘War on Drugs’ has made no difference to number of users and actively harms public health, major study concludes

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